The advent of neckties and their association with the fashion industry has led to the invention of innumerable knot styles, each suited for a specific occasion and physique of an individual. To pull of any look, a man is supposed to make necktie a mandatory part of his attire. Follow these simple steps to tie the perfect Oriental knot.

With the tie inside out, adjust it in such a way that the wider end is on the right side while the narrow end hangs on the left side. 

Overlap the narrow end over the wide end by taking it from left to right side. 

Bring the wide end from left to right region such that it overlaps the narrow end. 

The wide end now rests on the right side of your body.

Bring it to the center region by pulling it from under the narrow part of the tie. 

The wide end is finally moved down through the knot in the front. 

With both hands, carefully tighten the knot by simultaneously pulling downwards on the narrow end and moving the knot upwards to the center of the collar. 

On the off chance that you prefer a dimple in your tie, pinch the outer edges of the tie exactly below the knot and pull it through. 

And there you’ll have the perfectly shaped Oriental knot. No hassle, no expertise required and no practice needed. Just give in a little of your time and boost up your look several folds with this classical stylish knot. 

An oriental knot is the prototype of all the various knots in style today. Also known as the small knot or Kent knot, its tying technique is the simplest of all and it takes a couple of seconds to pull off this look. It was named Oriental based on the observation that it was the most popular tie knot in the region of Asia. Many people consider a Kent knot similar to a Four in Hand knot however it is truly a misnomer. Kent knot produces a smaller and a more symmetrical look than the latter one and contrary to the Four in Hand knot, it is not self-releasing. This may be one of the reasons for its decreasing popularity. Also, the inside out narrow end when not concealed properly imparts an imperfect look to the dressing. 

Oriental knot is mostly recommended for shorter ties because it takes up the least amount of fabric, owing to its minute size. It is best for individuals who are fond of smaller knots or in instances when the tie fabric is too heavy to pull off a wider knot. Collar pins, collar clips and collar bars can conveniently be used when tying a Kent knot because they easily fit underneath the knot. It should be worn with a classic or medium spread collar and is the ideal option for tall men.