A necktie when chosen correctly plays a major role in upgrading any casual attire to a sophisticated one. It’s high time that you leave behind the conventional Four in hand and Windsor knots and set your hands on more intricate styles that define grace and reflects class. So here we are, beginning to teach you how to tie a Cape knot with utmost perfection. All you need is a plain necktie and lots of confidence in your learning skills.

Step-1 Drape the necktie around your collar so that the wide end comes on the right side while the narrow end hangs on the left side. The narrow end should be positioned one inch below the wide end because this style uses the narrow end to tie the knot.

Step-2 Pinch the sides of the wide end three inches down from the collar. This would create a crease in the wide end which should be kept in place using your right hand. 

Step-3 With the crease in position, cross the narrow end over the wide end from left to right. 

Step-4 Bring the narrow end upwards from beneath the collar loop on the right side.

Step-5 Pass it back around the front of the loop so that it emerges from the right side.

Step-6 Now fold the narrow end back to the left side from behind the forming knot. 

Step-7 Give the narrow end a turn around the loop of the collar from the left side.

Step-8 Bring the narrow end horizontally from left to right, crossing in front of the forming knot.

Step-9 With the narrow end now in the right region, give it another turn around the loop of the collar such that it emerges to the right side.

Step-10 Take the narrow end back into the left region from behind.

Step-11 After giving the narrow end another turn around the loop of the collar, pass it through the loop created in the center and pull it through. 

Step-12 Pull on the wide end to adjust the knot in the center of the collar. Ensure that the knot is tightened. 

Step-13 Conceal the narrow end right behind the wide end to give your knot a flawless look. 

And you’re done! Flaunt around this beautiful tie knot that is guaranteed to make you receive compliments from everyone who set their eyes on this masterpiece. 

The Cape knot, also known by the name of Han knot, is another elite style of the lot that gives a bold, symmetrical look. History states that the Cape knot was originally invented by a stylish gentleman Henry Lu in 2007. Alex Kransy later created a similar knot and named it the Cape knot because of its cape-like shape. This is the reason why both the names are used interchangeably for this knot. 

Cape knot knot looks excellent when tied using thick fabric, mono-colored or paisley ties that accentuates the folds very well. It’s a skinny-end knot and thus works well with any standard length tie. Fabric consumption is average and this style is most suited for men with medium physique who feel that bulky knots don’t go with their look. It is highly symmetrical and flashy which makes it suitable only for festive occasions and high class events. Wearing it to work everybody might look like a bit of show-off. It is recommended to wear this knot with tie clips. 

What’s the wait then? Transform your necktie into a worthy accessory by practicing this epitome of sophistication. It is easy to learn and little practice is required to master the look.