David Finfrock is the original creator of the Finfrock knot and we’ve simplified the steps to help you learn how to tie this masterpiece.

Step-1 Drape the necktie around your collar with the wide end on the left side and up to the level of your waistline while the narrow end would hang on the right side and must be positioned a few inches longer than the wide end.

Step-2 Pinch the wide end to create a dimple and cross it over to the right side from underneath the narrow end.

Step-3 Bring the narrow end around the back of the wide end so that it enters the right region.

Step-4 Feed the narrow end up through the front and down the necktie knot. This way the narrow end would lie exactly below the wide end with its seam facing outward.

Step-5 Cross the narrow end to the left side and fold it into two vertical halves.

Step-6 With a little twist in the narrow end, bring it across the front of the wide end, creating a front pass on your way

Step-7 Feed the narrow end up through the top of the necktie knot from the back. Make sure to keep the fold in position throughout this step.

Step-8 Pass the narrow end through the front pass created in the previous steps. This would make the narrow end lie atop the wide end.

Step-9 Push your finger through the inside of the knot to position the latest fold of the narrow end towards the left side, making it look like its crossing from over the top of the knot.

Step-10 Wrap the narrow end around the back of the tie to make it emerge from the right side and feed it up through the top of the knot and straight back down. 

Step-11 Make sure that the open side of each fold faces outward and the closed side faces each other. 

Step-12 Take the narrow end and feed it through the loop on the left and tuck the remaining behind the collar to conceal it.

Step-13 Pinch the inside of the knot to make it smaller and tighter. 

Step-14 Pull on the wide end to push the knot in close apposition with the center of the collar. 

And voila! You’ve just created a perfect Finfrock knot that’s almost square in shape and looks great in festive occasions because of its classy look. Keep practicing it so you can flaunt your attire with this charming knot wherever you go.