Neckties make a fundamental element of menswear and learning to tie it is of utmost significance. A Grantchester knot is one of the many variations of the basic Four in hand knot. It competes with the Windsor knot for thickness and bulk and is slightly asymmetrical like its parent knot. In the next two minutes, we’re going to teach you the easiest way to tie a Grantchester knot via a step by step guide. Follow it carefully so you can execute each step with perfection. 

Step-1 Drape the necktie around your collar with the seam facing outward. The wide end should be positioned on the left side, hanging about 5 inches below the final desired length of the tie, and the narrow end stays on the right side. 

Step-2 Make an X by bringing the wide end from underneath the narrow end. Three regions would be formed: left, right and center region. 

Step-3 Using the wide end, make a complete turn or loop around the front of the narrow end such that the wide end starts from the right region and is brought back to it. 

Step-4 Make another half turn around the narrow end, this time wrapping the wide end from right to left region. A horizontal fold would be created in front of the knot and the seam would be facing inward. 

Step-5 Bring the tip of the wide end from underneath the collar loop and make it emerge from the center region with the seam facing inward. 

Step-6 Instead of passing it through the horizontal band created in the previous steps, flip it on the right side.

Step-7 Wrap it once again around the narrow end, this time from behind the knot, bringing it from right to left. 

Step-8 Continue wrapping the wide end from left to right.

Step-9 With a finger, stabilize the horizontal loop previously created and bring the wide end underneath the collar loop on the right side to make it emerge from the center region.

Step-10 Flip the wide end through the horizontal loop and pull it all the way through.

Step-11 With one hand tugging on the narrow end, tighten the knot by pushing it against the collar with the other hand. 

Step-12 Adjust the knot a little to give it an even shape. The finished look would be that of a large, slanted knot, resting in the center of your collar. 

Despite having a simple beginning, it may be a challenge to pull off a perfect knot but a little practice can do wonders and the results would be worth the struggle. 

Grantchester knot was created by the authors of ‘The 85 Ways to Tie a Tie’, Thomas Fink and Yong Mao. They studied in a small town near Cambridge in England which was called Grantchester and hence the name of the knot is in honor of their study place. 

Grantchester knot belongs to the category of inside-out knots because as you will notice, the knot begins with the seam facing outwards. Owing to its hefty size, it is better to tie it using a thin necktie with a lighter fabric else it would be too bulky to stay within the center of the collar. Also, make sure that the tie is long enough as this knot utilizes ample amount of fabric.

A Grantchester knot is well suited with wide spread and cutaway collars, looks best when worn in formal gatherings and business occasions and is the best option for individuals who like heavier knots. It is indeed a comfortable and conservative option for all men out there who wish to add an extra charm to their daily attire.