Neckties are the charm of any social gathering and enhances an individual’s appearance several folds. For some men, it is a sign of manliness and maturity while others consider it an enhancement of a fashion statement. Whatever the case, use of ties shall be preferred by all men to complement their attire. Via this article, you’ll learn how to tie a Prince Albert knot which is a minor variation of Four in Hand knot.

Step-1 Drape the necktie around your collar such that the wide end is placed on the right shoulder and the narrow end hangs on the left shoulder. The knot is tied from the wide end thus it should be placed at the level of thigh while the narrow end hangs above the waistline.

Step-2 Cross the wide end over the top part of the narrow end from right to left.

Step-3 Bring it underneath the narrow end from behind such that it emerges from the right side.

Step-4 Now wrap it around the narrow end once again so that the wide end lies in the left region. You may wrap it around narrow end a third time to get a bulkier appearance. 

Step-5 After your last wrapping, a horizontal loop would be formed in front of the knot. 

Step-6 Bring the wide end from underneath the loop around the collar and pull it all the way through the last horizontal loop formed in front of the knot. 

Step-7 Hold the narrow end and push the knot against the collar. You may even add a dimple if you desire.

Step-8 Ensure that the knot is tightened and the length of the tie is perfect.

And there you go! You’ve just executed the most amazing style in a few minutes. The aesthetic beauty of the knot will definitely complement your suit and would turn gazes wherever you go. A little practice into the task will make you master the knot perfectly.

Thie name of this knot was coined after Prince Albert Frederick Arthur George who was the husband of Queen Elizabeth Queen Mother. Prince Albert knot, also called the Double knot, produces an asymmetrical shape which is comparatively bulkier than its variant. You may judge the significance of this knot by the fact that the director of James Bond movies specified that his actors wore this knot to reflect a sturdy and confident character. 

Prince Albert knot has an elegant look and a more formal allure which makes it suitable for formal occasions and high class gatherings. It is one of the classiest looking knots and is best accomplished when tied using light and smooth fabric ties such as those made up of silk. Its slim shape makes it an ideal choice for suits with thin collars or button-down collars. Short men who find longer ties a menace can opt for this knot because its fabric consumption is high. Thus it is suitable for all kind of facial cuts and physiques which may be one of the reasons for its increasing popularity.