Diagonal knot is a perfect style for beginners because it doesn’t have many moves and the steps are easy to memorize. However, a little skill is required to handle the various loops and we’ve brought to you the simplest way to tie a Diagonal knot. So without wasting any more time, let’s get started.

Step-1Drape the necktie around your collar such that the wide end is on your left side and the narrow end hangs on your right side. This knot can be tied using either end but here we’re making use of the wide end thus it would be placed comparatively longer than the narrow end. The narrow end will be placed at the level of belly button.

Step-2Bring the wide end to the middle and cross the narrow end to the left side from underneath the wide end.

Step-3Wrap the wide end around the narrow end twice. This would create a horizontal band in front of the forming knot. By the end of this step, your wide end would be in the left region with the seam facing outward.

Step-4 Feed the wide end through the top of the collar loop and bring it back down on the right side. This would create an oblique band on the left side of the knot which is the characteristic look of the diagonal knot.

Step-5Feed the tip of the wide end through the horizontal band created in the third step. This would make the wide end lie exactly on top of the narrow end with the seam facing inward.

Step-6Pull on the narrow end to tighten the knot and move it further up towards the center of the collar.

Step-7Conceal the narrow end behind wide end perfectly.

And voila! You’ve completed the task with great excellence. Diagonal knot is a little tricky and it is okay if you’re unable to tie it correctly in one attempt. Regular practice would help you get acquainted with the steps and you’d surely be pleased with the end result. It would look great with solid, foulard and patterned ties and is the style to opt for when you’re going to an interview, a highly formal business meeting or even in casual, fun gatherings. Teenagers and young individuals would specifically love this style for its simplicity and sophistication.