Nicky knot was invented by Ernesto Curami who was a salesman in a tie-making company by the name of Nicky. It instantly became popular in Italy but never got a chance to flourish outside the Italian region. It’s a shame that such a versatile knot failed to make its mark on public level. 

Nicky knot is kind of underrated and you’d mostly find its discussion on web pages and books rather than seeing people implementing it in real life. This is why we bring to you simple guidelines on how to tie a Nicky knot in order to teach beginners the varied roles this obscure knot style can play. 

Step-1 Stand in front of the mirror and drape the necktie around your collar. Make sure that the seam of the tie faces outward.

Step-2 Adjust the tie so that the wide end is on the right side of your mirror image, about 2 inches lower than the desired finished position while the narrow end hangs on your left side. 

Step-3 Cross the narrow end over the wide end by bringing it from left to right. Three regions would be formed under your chin: left, right and center regions. The wide end would now be present in the left region. 

Step-4 Bring the wide end upwards from the front of the loop around your collar and then pass it through the loop such that it emerges from the right side. 

Step-5 By this stage, your wide end would be behind and on the right of your narrow end with the seam facing outward. 

Step-6 Grab the tip of the wide end and rotate it horizontally in front of the knot. The seam would now be facing inward and the tip of the wide end would be in the left region. 

Step-7 By doing this, a small horizontal band would be created in front of the knot. 

Step-8 Now bring the tip of your wide end up and beneath the loop around the collar and then let it pass though the horizontal loop created in the previous steps. At this stage, your seam would be facing inward. 

Step-9 Pin the thick end in place after pulling it all the way down through the horizontal loop. 

Step-10 You may even add a dimple by pinching in the fabric below the knot for a classier look. 

Step-11 Now pull on the narrow end to adjust the position of the knot close to the collar and then hide the narrow end behind the wide end for the perfect end-result. 

Step-12 To untie, simply tug on the narrow end and the rest will untangle itself. 

Nicky knot produces an apparently symmetrical shape (though it comes in the category of mathematically asymmetrical knots) and is well suited for short ties because it uses minimum amount of fabric. The shape of the tie depends on the preference of the wearer and may range from thin to a medium thick one. 

Nicky knot is thick and bulky compared to Four in Hand style. It looks good on men who are tall and those who are particularly fond of skinny knit ties. Its superiority lies in the fact that it is a self-releasing knot which makes untying really convenient plus minimum expertise is required to execute the perfect look. 

It is a favorable choice for business and social events and we recommend point collars, cutaway collars and button-down collars along with this knot. Owing to its size, avoid wearing a Nicky knot with collar pins and tab collars because it simply won’t give the look.