Ellie knot is one of the many aesthetic knots known to man. Let us teach you how to tie an Ellie knot via this simple step by step guide. A little practice into the task can yield wonderful results for the tying technique is really easy and does not demand immense skill on the side of the tier.

Step-1Drape the necktie around your collar such that the wide end is on your left side and the narrow end hangs on your right side. This knot is tied using the narrow end so it will be comparatively longer than the wide end. The wide end will be placed slightly above the beltline.

Step-2Pinch the wide end to create a dimple in it.

Step-3Bring the wide end to the middle and cross the narrow end to the left side from over the wide end.

Step-4 Feed the narrow end up and through the back of the collar loop, bringing it down and across to the right side.

Step-5Form a triangle by bringing the narrow end around the back of the forming knot into the left region. The seam of the narrow end would now be facing outward.

Step-6Cross the narrow end to the right side from the front of the knot.

Step-7Feed the narrow end upward from below the collar loop on the right side.

Step-8Bring it back to the left side from over the top of the tie.

Step-9Make the narrow end emerge from the right side by taking it around the back of the forming knot. This would create an oblique band on the left side of the knot which should not be tightened at this stage.

Step-10Create another oblique band on the right side of the knot by passing the narrow end through the collar loop.

Step-11Bring down the narrow end on the left side from below the collar loop.

Step-12Feed the narrow end up through the collar loop on the left side bringing it back down on the same side.

Step-13Cross the narrow end to the opposite side from behind the forming knot.

Step-14Again pass the narrow end through the loop around the collar.

Step-15Now flip over the tie and you’ll notice a horizontal band on the undersurface of the knot.

Step-16Feed the tail end of your necktie through this horizontal band to conceal it behind the wide end.

Step-17Tighten each fold separately until it’s smooth and nice as per your desire.

Step-18Pull on the wide end and grab the knot to position it in the center of the collar.

And perfect! You’ve done it so good. Ellie knot is another classical style to wear in formal events and business settings. It imparts a sophisticated aura to your personality and can turn gazes wherever you go.