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  • 7 rules of wearing a tie

    Most of the men these days wear ties either out of need or because it has become a compulsory part of dress code at their work place.

  • How to clean a tie

    Taking proper care of neckties will make them last longer and thus we bring you tips from around the globe on how to keep your tie fresh and clean always.

  • Tips on how to iron a tie

    Ironing is usually not recommended for ties because direct heat can damage the fabric and you may end up ruining the tie altogether. Thus, this job requires much precision and undivided attention.

  • Best ways to store a tie

    a short run down on how you can store your ties correctly so they maintain their perfect crisp for a long time.

  • How to prevent and treat wrinkles on a tie

    we aim to help you learn the art of tackling wrinkles on a tie in minimal time so you can flaunt around in your favorite tie.

  • How to find the perfect tie for a dress shirt

    learn these five excellent tips that will help you a big deal when you’re dressing up for an event next time.

  • 10 necktie styles that are a charm of every wardrobe

    10 most common necktie styles, in decreasing order of usefulness, that impart the classiest look and are the most versatile options available today.

  • how to choose perfect tie color for business purposes

    it has become a real headache to choose one proper piece that is both stylish and versatile at once.

  • Choosing the best suit color for your wardrobe

    some of the most useful suit colors that may help you in building your wardrobe with minimal struggle.

  • Coordinating the tie knot with the collar type

    pretty fair idea as to which knot is suitable for which collar shape.

  • How to choose the perfect tie for every occasion

    The type of collar you’re wearing is another factor that may affect your choice of knot.

  • Dress to impress - How to dress for an interview

    special consideration should be given when choosing your dress for interviews one of the biggest days of your life.

  • Color coordination for men

    Understanding the basic chemistry of colors is essential to create a perfect looking outfit. Without it, even the most expensive clothes in the world would be unable to make you look handsome.

  • How to choose the right base color and accent colors for an outfit

    introduction of base colors which will be followed by a detailed summary of different accessories in an outfit.

  • Four in Hand knot

    The Four in Hand knot, also known as simple knot, Cravat knot or a Schoolboy knot, is one of the many classic knots that you can opt for if style and simplicity is all that you need.

  • Half Windsor Knot

    The Half Windsor knot, also famous by the name of single Windsor knot, is one of the best choices out there for both amateurs and experts. Practice the following steps carefully to get the perfect traditional Half Windsor look.

  • Windsor necktie Knot

    The Windsor knot can be tied in four different ways; however the easiest technique is explained here to make it simple for the beginners.

  • Pratt Knot

    A Pratt knot is one of the many unique styles that you can opt for when tying a necktie. Also known as a Shelby knot or a Pratt-Shelby knot, it creates a neat, symmetrical look that is somewhat between Four in Hand knot and the Half Windsor knot in size.

  • Bow Tie Knot

    Bows and neckties eventually took over the jabots and cravats which were the symbol of style back in the eighteenth and nineteenth century.

  • Oriental Knot

    An oriental knot is the prototype of all the various knots in style today. Also known as the small knot or Kent knot, its tying technique is the simplest of all and it takes a couple of seconds to pull off this look.

  • Kelvin Knot

    Kelvin knot is basically a fine variation of Oriental knot whose name was coined after Lord Kelvin who is renowned for his significant contribution in the mathematical knot theory.

  • Nicky Knot

    Nicky knot was invented by Ernesto Curami who was a salesman in a tie-making company by the name of Nicky. It instantly became popular in Italy but never got a chance to flourish outside the Italian region.

  • Victoria Knot

    The Victoria Knot came into being to honor the Queen Victoria of England. It is quite similar to the Four in Hand knot, just a little bulkier in size and preferable for men who are left with a very long tie after adopting the Four in Hand style.

  • St. Andrew Knot

    St. Andrew Knot was named after one of the biggest saints of Christian faith, Saint Andrew. He was among the twelve disciples of Jesus and was crucified on a diagonal X-shaped cross

  • Plattsburgh Knot

    Plattsburgh knot was invented by Thomas Fink, the co-author of ‘The 85 ways to tie a tie’, who named it after his hometown of Plattsburgh, a small city in the state of New York.

  • Cavendish Knot

    Cavendish Knot was invented by two physicists of the Cambridge University who created over eighty different styles to tie a necktie knot

  • Grantchester Knot

    Grantchester knot was created by the authors of ‘The 85 Ways to Tie a Tie’, Thomas Fink and Yong Mao.

  • Hanover Knot

    Hanover knot is well known for forming a perfectly symmetrical equatorial triangle which is bulky and consumes ample amount of tie fabric.

  • Balthus Knot

    Balthus Knot was invented by a French-Polish painter Balthasar Klossowski in 1930 who named the knot after his own name. He claimed to have created it out of boredom and did not wear it with any regularity.

  • Atlantic Knot

    The Atlantic knot, also called the Cross knot, is the only one of its type: wide, intricate, triangular and tied from the narrow end. Since it is slightly asymmetrical, it might give an impression of sloppiness if not tied correctly.

  • Eldredge knot

    Eldredge knot is an enormous knot with a reasonably odd shape, producing a tapered fishtail braid-like effect that looks awesome wherever you wear it.

  • Prince Albert knot

    Prince Albert knot was coined after Prince Albert Frederick Arthur George who was the husband of Queen Elizabeth Queen Mother. Prince Albert knot, also called the Double knot, produces an asymmetrical shape which is comparatively bulkier than its variant

  • Trinity knot

    Trinity knot is a trefoil shaped knot that has a flamboyant look and is guaranteed to stand out. It is based on Celtic knot work and has a symmetrical shape that spans around three axes.

  • Cape knot

    Cape knot, also known by the name of Han knot, is another elite style of the lot that gives a bold, symmetrical look. History states that the Cape knot was originally invented by a stylish gentleman Henry Lu in 2007

  • Merovingian Knot

    The popularity of Merovingian knot gained momentum because of its classic look with a modern touch. The knot is unique because it looks as if your tie is wearing another miniature tie.

  • Tulip Knot

    Tulip knot is the best choice for individuals who are fond of loose, relaxed looking knots. The key to perfection lies in keeping the knot as loose as possible so you get the desired spacious look.

  • Novotny Knot

    Novotny knot is pretty extravagant which makes it an ideal choice for celebratory events and festive occasions. It’s wide and enormous size would only be able to accommodate in wide spread collars.

  • Onassis Knot

    Onassis knot was first worn by Aristotle Onassis who was a Greek tycoon of the nineteenth century. From then onwards, he is considered as the creator and innovator of this charming style.

  • Van Wijk Knot

    Van Wijk knot is an asymmetrical knot with a long, slanted appearance created by three irregular layers. It sure is not sloppy and tying it is probably not a piece of cake for beginners because it requires great skill and precision.

  • Rose Knot

    What can be better than tying a Rose tie knot on Valentine’s Day? It’s an aesthetic knot which might be a little complex to learn but practicing it again and again would help you memorize the steps.

  • Rose Bud Knot

    Rose Bud knot was invented by Jack Robertson and makes use of the tail of the tie to form the layers of the knot.

  • Capsule Knot

    Capsule knot is the best choice when you want to stand out in a crowd without sounding pretentious.

  • Truelove Knot

    Truelove knot was created by Eliot Truelove who is considered as a tie alchemist. It might take a few attempts to get comfortable with this masterpiece but it is sure to turn gazes when you wear it in a gathering.

  • Vortex Knot

    Vortex knot is an elongated, asymmetrical knot that is the perfect choice for special occasions like weddings, birthday parties and balls.

  • Deivao Twist Knot

    Let us get you acquainted with the not-so-difficult steps of tying the cool Deivao Twist knot which can add grace to your repertoire.

  • Finfrock Knot

    David Finfrock is the original creator of the Finfrock knot and we’ve simplified the steps to help you learn how to tie this masterpiece.

  • Harlequin Knot

    Harlequin knot is a really cool and neat knot with an upward pointed shape that gives the look of a diamond.

  • Caldwell Swagg Knot

    A vest and tie clip is recommended when opting for the Caldwell Swagg knot to help it stay in place.

  • Arrow Knot

    An Arrow knot is a slight variant of Onassis or Caldwell Swagg knot which makes it really easy to tie. This step by step guide will help you learn how to tie an Arrow knot in no time.

  • Viper knot

    David Wilson is The mastermind behind Viper knot is David Wilson.Viper knot is one of the easiest knots known to man and even the beginners can tie it perfectly in one go.

  • Van Krasny Knot

    Van Krasny Knot is an innovation of Patrick Novotny who modified the Van Wijk knot to give rise to this new style.This knot holds both the features of the Krasny Hourglass knot and the Van Wijk knot.

  • Linwood knot

    Linwood knot, also known by the name of Taurus knot, is yet another addition in the family of aesthetic knots. Created by Linwood, it’s a super unique and interesting style that looks trendy in modern times.

  • Velvet Knot

    Velvet knot is a really cool twist of the Eldredge knot. Below is a step by step guide to help you learn how to tie a Velvet knot.

  • Boutonniere Knot

    Boutonniere knot is a thick enormous knot which is famous for its long loops. This makes it a perfect choice for wide spread collars. It is best for both semi-formal and festive occasions such as weddings, parties and balls.

  • Diamond Knot

    This knot is the creation of the mastermind Anatoliy Zhygarev and we’ve simplified the steps for your better understanding.

  • Zelda Triforce Knot

    The Zelda Triforce knot is an intricate style that somehow resembles both the Atlantic knot and the Eldredge knot.

  • Virginia Knot

    The origin of Virginia knot can be traced back to Philippines where it was first created by Noel Junio. It’s a unique variation of Trinity knot with two extra loops that give it an enormous look.

  • Templar Knot

    Templar Knot is innovation of Anthony Jacques and is one of the most unique knots known to man. It is mandatory to wear a contrast tie when tying the Templar knot and wear a jacket or vest so that only the upper part of the tie is visible to the viewers.

  • Glennie Helical Knot

    Glennie Helical knot is an unusual member in the family of aesthetic knots as it shows two loops that are stacked on top of each other with a little transition area in between.

  • Artichoke Knot

    Mr. Linwood is the inventor of this intricate, artichoke shaped knot that imparts an elegant aura to any ensemble.

  • Christensen Knot

    The Christensen knot, also known as the Cross knot, is an enormous aesthetic knot that needs a wide spread collar for accommodation. It works well in both casual and formal events and is suited for all kind of ties and individuals.

  • Platypus Knot

    Platypus knot is one of the masterpieces of Noel Junio and is a really cool style to wear to formal and festive gatherings.

  • Spade Knot

    We present to you another unusual knot by the name of the Spade knot. It’s obviously not a regular wear and its creator Derrick Davis gave a little twist to the Windsor knot to create this style.

  • Vidalia Knot

    Vidalia knot is a Linwood creation and is an elegant aesthetic knot that can boost up the charm of any attire.

  • 5 best stores to buy neckties in Singapore

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  • Necktie accessories – an insight into men’s latest fashion

    A necktie, without a doubt, does a great job in making you look sophisticated and well-dressed. While many men consider wearing neckties an extra piece of work early in the morning, others are obliged to wear it due to strict dress code at their work place.

  • Tie Bars – the best tie saviors in necktie accessories

    A necktie accessory apart from imparting a stylish look to the outfit does a great job in holding the tie in place so you can eat and work without worrying about the tie getting in your way.

  • Tie Clips - the benchmark of a gentleman's wardrobe

    Necktie accessories are not just a stylish addition to your attire but it helps you keep your tie clean when leaning over the dining table.Tie Clips are most important in necktie accessories.

  • 5 best stores to buy neckties in USA

    five top stores in United States of America where you can get the best neckwear to suit any style at the most appreciable rates.

  • 5 best stores to buy neckties in Canada

    article is the perfect guide to shopping for neckties in Canada with the five top stores that you can go to in order to satisfy your neck wear needs.

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  • 5 best stores to buy neckties in Dubai

    We have brought to you the top five brands in Dubai so the next time you set your foot out for tie shopping, you know where to go.

  • The perfect ensemble for a black tie event

    Black ties are a big turn off for casual gatherings and business meetings. They are in fact reserved for formal occasions like evening parties, weddings, elite dinners and balls. Such events usually require men to be dressed in a tuxedo along with a black tie while the women put on their best evening gowns.

  • Quick and easy DIY Bow Tie Project

    this bow tie tutorial will guide you from the beginning and help you create your own customized piece of neckwear

  • The perfect ensemble for a white tie event

    A white tie dress code reflects the highly formal nature of the event and is usually worn to occasions of immense value. Presidential dinners, state dinners, formal balls and royal affairs are some of the gatherings where a white tie dress code is mandatory.

  • Pekada Knot

    Pekada knot is a rare but extremely intricate knot that requires a lot of skill on the side of the tier. Let’s teach you how to tie the Pekada knot in the simplest way possible.

  • Fishbone Knot

    The fishbone knot is equally stylish and professional, courtesy of its intertwined folds that give it a multi-layered effect.

  • Diagonal Knot

    Diagonal knot is a perfect style for beginners because it doesn’t have many moves and the steps are easy to memorize. However, a little skill is required to handle the various loops and we’ve brought to you the simplest way to tie a Diagonal knot.

  • Glennie Braided Knot

    The Glennie Braided knot is an innovation of Eric Glennie who is a fashion designer and has his own tie brand.

  • Adamson Knot

    Adamson knot is a combination of Four in hand knot and the Glennie Braided knot. This innovative style was first used by Noel Junio and thus he is known as the creator of this masterpiece.

  • Ellie Knot

    Ellie knot is one of the many aesthetic knots known to man. Let us teach you how to tie an Ellie knot via this simple step by step guide.

  • Triple Windsor Knot

    If you’re looking for a bigger looking, giant size knot then Triple Windsor is the style of choice. Let us teach you how to tie a Triple Windsor knot in the simplest way possible.

  • Intrinity Knot

    Intrinity Knot is the invention of Charlie Truong who combined the Trinity knot with a few extra steps to give rise to this masterpiece.

  • Haddon Knot

    David Finfrock, the inventor of the Finfrock knot, is the mastermind behind this innovative style.

  • Valentine knot

    The special time of the year is around the corner and why should you leave even a tiny chance to make an impression on the love of your life? Let’s get acquainted with the Valentine knot so that your attire itself can speak of your love life.