A necktie adds an extra charm to a man's personality. Though a man in a suit is a recapitulation of dignity and class but to pull off the overall look, a necktie plays a significant role. The younger generation fails miserably in tying a well-set tie so we bring to you a precise step by step guide to help the beginners follow the same classy attire their forefathers did. 

The Half Windsor knot, also famous by the name of single Windsor knot, is one of the best choices out there for both amateurs and experts. Practice the following steps carefully to get the perfect traditional Half Windsor look. 

Step-1 Place your tie around the neck such that the wide end is on the right side, hanging 12 inches below the narrow end which is on the left side. 

Step-2 Cross the wide end over the narrow end (from right to left).

Step-3 Rotate the wide end such that it goes behind the narrow end to emerge from the right side. 

Step-4 With one hand, pull the wide end in an upward direction and into the loop which was formed previously during the first overlapping stage. 

Step-5 Move the wide end to the right and once again bring it in front of the narrow end from right to left. 

Step-6 Bring it upwards and pass through the second loop formed by the second overlapping stage.

Step-7 The wide end is then brought down through the front loop and the knot is tightened with both hands so that it lies close to the collar and cover the top button of the shirt. 

Step-8 Adding a dimple can just heighten up the magnitude of elegance so do not forget to try that. 

It might be a little difficult from the four in hand knot but regular practice can help you attain the level of expertise. And Voila! You’d be good to go.

The Half Windsor knot imparts elegance to the overall attire and is the perfect choice for almost every occasion. The point which is noteworthy is that it is a completely different style and must not be confused with the Windsor knot. It is slightly smaller in size than the Windsor knot with a symmetrical, triangular shape. The best part of a Half Windsor knot is the fact that it is symmetrical and of medium size which makes it the ideal choice for all occasions ranging from formal and semi-formal events to everyday chores.   The clean focal point achieved in this knot gives the individual an aura of authority, making it men’s most favorable choice in business situations. 

History states that the concept of a Half Windsor knot came into being in order to simplify the steps of the Windsor knot. It works perfectly with both light and medium weight fabrics and because of its comparatively bigger size than the four in hand knot, it should be worn with shirts having cutaway collar or a spread collar. Also, wearing it with thick ties is not recommended owing to its size. Obviously, you don’t want to get choked or suffer from breathing difficulty with an enormous knot pressing on your windpipe. It is also not recommended for men of short stature because a big knot with a small physique ruins the appearance. Still, if you’re insistent on going for this style, try it out with a smaller tie made up of a light fabric. Tall men and individuals with bigger chest girth should feel free to try this unique style because it would complement their physique.