No wonder you’ll have a dozen of ties hanging in your wardrobe but how many of them are actually versatile enough to wear in a wedding, formal event, interview or a funeral? I’m sure you didn’t consider the usefulness and versatility of a necktie when you brought one. This might be the reason your wardrobe is stuffed with a pile of ties hanging for no good reason. Well, not to worry. You’re not the only one making this mistake. All individuals who do not wear ties on a daily basis tend to own a little collection of neckties that is usually a mixture of high school leftovers and some sporadic impulse buys. Most of those who wear it to office everyday do not have the proper sense of tie shopping and end up buying an over-sized collection that lacks versatility. 

So whether you want to build up your collection from zero or want to trim down an over-sized collection, this article is going to be extremely beneficial in decision making. We want you to focus on ties that have a timeless style, making them suitable for every sort of occasion. Look for styles that you’ll wear every now and then rather than the ones you’ll opt for once in a year for a wedding. Go through the following content to learn the ten most common necktie styles, in decreasing order of usefulness, that impart the classiest look and are the most versatile options available today.  


This is a must-have for every man who is just a beginner in this field. Any rich, deep color like navy blue, drak green, purple and burgundy would look good but blue would be the safest and most verstaile choice. It’s better to avoid ties with bright colors and shiny surfaces, rather go for a smooth, matte look that would refine your personlaity. 

Solid neckties are best for both business events and social gatherings. In formal occasions, any rich, refined, dark color with a matte look or a rich, glossy red would do wonders. Solid pastels with texture or high sheen are the second best choice for formal events when worn with colored shirts. Any single, bright color, interrupted by a little pattern or texture is suitable for all sorts of social and casual gatherings. 

There’s no need to buy a dozen of solid ties in every color. Rather, buy one or two that go with the dress shirts you already own and you’d be good to go. You’d have a chance to stock up your wardrobe with other styles then. Also strictly avoid wearing a plain black tie especially when combined with a white dress shirt unless you’re in a funeral. It gives an aura of starkness that is almost unflattering. 


The uniqueness of a polka dot tie lies in the fact that none of the other menswear features any thing close to polka dots and ties are the only component that make use of this pattern. If you own a plain suit or a light-colored dress shirt, buy a nice tie having a muted background color with fine polka dots that are widely spaced and you’ll justcreate a spectacular look. This look will stand up among others because its casual and equally intimidating.

It is probably not the choice for highly formal board meeting but looks great when worn to work everyday or for casual chores. For business occasions, you may like to get a tie with dark or neutral background having dots that are in cordination with the color of your dress shirt. This style offers flexibility for you can combine polka dots with either contrasting textures and sheen look or go for a glossy background with matte dots. Either way, it doesn’t looks too overwhelming and you’ll feel extremely comfortable wearing it. For social gatherings, you may add a touch of novelty but be careful to stay on the decent side of the line. 

One or two stylish, dressed-up ties would be enough to fill your wardrobe. Obviously you don’t want to be someone who is remebered for wearing polka dot ties everywhere. 


Being a typical French style, Foulard ties exhibit a repeating, symmetrical pattern in a gridded block array. It is surely not as intimidating as it sounds. They’re sometimes sold by the name of ‘wallpaper ties’ and impart a bold aura to your personality. Do not worry about looking too gaudy because it’s in style these days. You may go for low contrasts like dark blue pattern on a light blue background with gray highlights which are more towards a dressy look. If you want to go for casual, opt for something like a dark blue background with pink pattern. 

Foulard ties are suitable for formal events and social gatherings. For strict business meetings, the tie shouldn’t be too bright and all the colors should belong to the same family. An elegant pattern would do no harm either as those vintage designs are considered classy these days. For a more relaxed look, you may choose a brighter color tie with distinct patterns such as geometrical, floral or abstract. 

A gentleman must have at least one of these ties to add variety to his wardrobe. You’re not obliged to wear a solid necktie to meetings everyday, you may change up a little with this genuine French style. Besides, it’s never a harm to look bold and dressy. 


The paisley designs originated in the Middle Eastern region and exhibit abstract patterns with ornately bordered figures. The background is usually a bright, solid color and floral figures may be dispersed between the paisley figures.  

Paisley pattern imparts a casual look and is useful because none of the other part of clothing echoes the same style just like in polka dots pattern. It’s better to avoid wearing paisley ties in strictly formal environement for you’ve got better tie styles for that. It can be worn to office or other causal places where a muted, dark hue with light highlights would do the job. A burgundy backgorund with paisleys in gold and purple might be a good choice. For a social gathering, you may avail a lighter background that would make the figures more prominent. 

Although its not an essential part of your wardrobe, it’s good to have one piece so you can go for a change when you’re bored of wearing the same traditional ties everyday. 


They’re simply foulard ties that have a specific theme. The repeated pattern may be an emblem or crest, with huge spaces between the designs so that only a few of them are visible on the front of the tie. This style became famous back when gentleman clubs were pretty much in fashion and by clubs we mean a decent gathering with fine dining. Anyone who had a membership of a particular club would wear the club’s tie to show off in their social circle. Sometimes it was a necessity to be allowed to sit in the dining room, other times it was out of mere pleasure. These days the concept have revolutionzed a bit. Club ties these days do not denote a specific membership but rather have designs that reflect something about sports and its accessories. 

It is better to not choose this style for strict business purpose but if you’re too fond then a dark background tie with refined designs in a single color might be the most decent choice. Ties having bright background and bold crests impart an informal look and can be worn in a flexible work environemnt or  weekend parties. They’re basically used these days as a casual component of attire and its use is mostly limited for fun. 

Owning a sports tie is obviously not a necessity but having one is interesting for you might like an informal change to your attire any time. Besides, having one with a dressy look is worth a try!


They’re named so because of their use limited to high schools and universities. It’s mostly a colored tie with diagonal stripes of the same color worn as a part of uniform and in school bands. 

A university tie is acceptable when worn to business meetings because people would consider it a striped tie anyway. You may need to be careful around academic circles for they can recognize in a moment that it’s a school necktie. What’s more awkward is wearing a school’s tie that you didn’t even attend. So it’s better to avoid doing that. Of course you can wear it for leaisurely activities because of their colorful look. 

Its an obligation for young men to own one of these, especially if you want to remain associated with your educational background. For instance, a fresh graduate seeking job might like to wear one of them to make the world aware that he belongs to a particular institution. Besides, they can be used as general purpose business ties too if the colors are sober enough so it’s no harm to own one of these sort. 


For individuals unacknowledged about the world of ties, the regimental ties may seem to be similar to the university ties. However their color schemes are totally different from the old-fashioned school ties and the diagonal stripes slant from right to left direction which is not the case in the latter. 

They started as a British tradition but are now being worn for general business purpose and formal events. After all, they’re just striped ties. You should however avoid wearing the ties of actual regiments unless you’re a part of one. They’re available in a variety of styles ranging from dignified colors to shiny fabric. Exercise some discretion when you’re choosing one for your formal event so you can have the perfect look that reflects pride in your service. 


Plaid neckties are very famous for their overlying striped pattern exhibiting a range of colors and widths. The tartans are positioned such that their overlapping  forms a diamond shape rather than squares when viewed from the front. This style requires great fashion sense for it may look disatrous if not matched correctly with the outfit. Just imagine wearing a striped shirt with a plaid necktie. Your whole outfit would be a disarray of lines going in all directions. Try opting for a solid color plain shirt so that the striped tie can accentuate your attire.

It is absolutely not recommended for highly formal events. For casual business, you may wear a muted plaid with light colored suits if you’re too fond of this style. They may work well with sports jackets and sweaters and are an appreciated choice for social events. Hold a few in reserve so you can liven up your casual outfit whenever you want. 


This is more of a boyish category that includes everything from Mickey Mouse to Superman and other cartoon characters. These bright,colorful, goofy ties are absolutely contraindicated when it comes to formal gatherings. You can save it for occasions which are casual or when you just want to please someone who gave these to you as a gift. So just limit their use to family gatherings and while hanging out with your friends. 


Knit ties are always in fashion some time or the other so its economical to have one in hand. Besides, it’s the most exclusive, extravagant addition to every man’s collection. They’re large and bulky with minor gaps in the fabric (they’re woven afterall) which makes an enormous, hefty knot thus making them an optimal option for broad men with a sturdy physique. 

Deep, rich colors like navy and burgundy work well in business settings. You may also opt for other neutral colors and deep hues. Multicolor knits are more suited for relaxed occasions like an everyday wear to office while brighter colors, shapes and bold plaids look good in social gatherings. 

Always have one or two knit ties in verstaile colors to give your attire a vintage look or when you need a little texture to break up the same boring flat look everyday. You won’t regret the decision!

The goal of choosing each necktie so patiently and carefully is to look deliberate in every gathering. You must make an impression on the audience that your tie was selected particularly for the outfit you’re wearing. This can only be achieved if your collection has more versatile colors and patterns and now you know how to build up such a collection. Good luck shopping!