If there’s one thing that gets utmost respect in a social circle, it’s the confidence of wearing your ensemble with pride. A well thought attire speaks volumes about the abilities of an individual and when this beacon of self-worth is paired with a stylish necktie, the level of class is raised several folds. Wearing a tie with absolute confidence reflects professionalism and helps you attain the desired attention. Buying the perfect necktie for your dress shirt is no child’s play, especially when it comes to color coordination and choosing the right fabric. But worry no more for we’ve solved your problem in no time. This article is the perfect guide to shopping for neckties in Canada. Below are the five top stores that you can go to in order to satisfy your neckwear needs.
Based in Toronto, Canada, Aristocrats Bows N Ties have introduced the world with the sophisticated fashion for ties, bow ties and pocket squares. Whether it’s a formal occasion or a casual dinner, their online stores have got every collection that’s essential to pull off a perfect look. Their range of products delivers premium styling, quality and value to customers. It won’t be an exaggeration to call their attention to detail the biggest strength of the company. Their inventory of neckties ranges from graphic all-over patterns and solid colors to striped silk ties that are an eye catcher among all audiences. Their accessories make the perfect finish to every smart outfit. In short, their motto is ‘design to impress’ and they leave no stone unturned to follow it. So browse through their collection to experience a timeless assortment of sophisticated designs and exquisite materials. (Visit Store)
Le Chateau is a Canadian specialty retailer that manufactures contemporary fashion apparel, accessories and footwear for gentlemen of all ages and tastes. Founded in 1959, Le Chateau has always embraced the spirit of times for which it designs and this is what made it gain success as an international brand in no time. It offers high quality, in-house designed luxury neckwear that inspires its stylish clients worldwide. With over 211 retail stores in Canada, Le chateau’s success is a result of their quick identification and response to fluctuating fashion trends through their designs. Their sales team is dynamic which ensures quality service and customer satisfaction.(Visit Store)
3.    SIMONS
Simons is a uniquely different and inspiring fashion retailer with a passion for quality service since 1840. It is well known in the fashion industry for offering the most sought-after styles and looks from the world’s design capitals and providing a level of service available nowhere else. Simon’s neckwear speaks volumes about its high quality and charming designs that are in accordance with the latest trends. Their five generations have devoted their time to customer care and it is well renowned today as the best in business. Today, more than a dozen stores are spread across the lands of Canada which are a dazzling tribute to their sartorial art, attentive service and a shopping experience second to none. (Visit Store)
4.    RW & CO.
RW & Co. is a division of Reitmans (Canada) which takes pride in offering the best neckwear to men who desire to look sharp on all occasions. The company is dedicated to style, fit and fashion and houses the best collection of menswear, ranging from formal dress shirt to neckwear and accessories. Their specialty is their strong attention to detail and the company is of the view that fashion empowers the customers. This is why all their products are in accordance with latest trends and exhibit elegant designs. With the most passionate craftsmen in industry, RW & Co. is a must-go place for all your neckwear needs.(Visit Store)
It is an established fact that women’s accessories stores far outnumber those for men. Tie Up Menswear was created with the purpose of leveling out this difference and to fill the need of a place which houses all of the men’s fashion forward accessories under one roof. Their neckwear reflect the fact that a lot of thought have been put into the patterns, designs and styles so every customer has a chance to express its individuality. Their fashion accessories are trendy and you can find neckwear for all sorts of gatherings at Tie Up Menswear.(Visit Store)