Neckties may just be small pieces of cloths but they are a big part of any gentleman’s wardrobe. They do wonders in imparting an executive look to the personality. They act as the final element in completing the formal look of a gentleman and are both an epitome of dignity and sophistication. As the neckties have made their mark on the world of fashion, it is of utmost importance that we know the classiest brands available these days and where to find them. Buying online is not a wise option and ends up to be a huge disappointment sometimes for it’s really hard to appreciate the true color and quality of the fabric via pictures. For this exact purpose, we have simplified the task of your shopping by compiling the list of five top stores in United States of America where you can get the best neckwear to suit any style at the most appreciable rates.


Just two blocks away from the White House, Geoffrey Lewis is a custom tailoring shop by trade but houses the best collection of ties, bow ties, pocket squares and other tie accessories. It takes pride in dressing men since the last 40 years and is quite popular among the fashion aficionados because of its excellent customer service and trendy designs. The fabric used for making the tie is of superior quality and their tailoring is one of a class. All these traits have made Geoffrey Lewis the shining star of the fashion industry.(Visit Geoffrey Lewish Shop)


The Lucky Knot is a whimsical boutique with a nautical theme, located in Old Town Alexandria. The store is run by two sisters and excels in providing traditional and stylish American made clothing and accessories. Whether you’re looking for bold neckties for social gatherings or some sophisticated collection for formal events, this is the place of choice for gentlemen of all styles and tastes. They house exceptional brands like Collard Greens, Bull + Moose, High Cotton, Just Madras and Southern Tide and their collection is both charming and trendy.(Visit The Luck Knot Shop)


Founded by Pranav Vora and Philip Soriano as an online store, Hugh and Crye soon crossed milestones of success and opened its own showroom in the heart of Washington DC. The locals are now provided with the privilege to visit the shop, browse around, get fitted and obtain the best fashion advise from the highly trained salesmen. Their neckties exhibit classy designs and are made up of extravagant fabric imported from South Korea, Japan and India. The ties are manufactured in USA with hand-printed designs that are unique to the company. They also house collar stays, pocket squares and vintage tie accessories, thus providing their customers with all the fashionable stuff under one roof.(Visit Hugs & Crye Shop)


Founded by a world-renowned designer Ralph Lauren in 1967, this American brand soared to the heights of success because of their excellent products that spoke volumes about style and charm. Their neckties created a buzz in the fashion industry and it is impossible to not find one of Ralph Lauren ties in the wardrobe of a necktie lover. The neckwear inventory ranges from bow ties to all the related accessories that accentuate the look of any outfit. Their intricate designs, stylish patterns and excellent fabric have made it one of the best-selling brands in North America.(Visit Ralph Lauren Corporation Shop)


This tie brand was launched in 1995 by the mastermind Lee Allison. With its headquarters in Chicago and branches spread over the continent of North America, Lee Allison offers the best services in men’s accessories ranging from neckties and formal vests to pocket squares and bow ties. This charming boutique is hospitable to its customers and their neckwear can be paired with both casual and business wear. The company guarantees a new range of products every now and then so the customers always have something interesting to buy.(Visit Lee Allison Company Shop)