Most of the men these days wear ties either out of need or because it has become a compulsory part ofdress code at their work place. They fail to realize that wearing a tie is not a burden; it in fact imparts an aura of confidence to their personality and reflects professionalism. Ties have lately emerged as a symbol of fashion and many style aficionados are now attempting to learn different kinds of tie knots so they can flaunt around in a unique style everywhere they go. Although, wearing a tie apparently seems to be a simple job but it needs thorough research and practice to pull off the flawless look. If you keep the following rules in mind and follow them religxiously, there are little chances of error and wearing a necktie would no longer be a challenge for you. 
Each knot has its own connotations thus you should be aware of the various ways to tie a tie. If not all, at least get acquainted with the four basic knots: Four in hand knot, Half Windsor knot, Windsor knot and Pratt knot (You can easily navigate through this website to check our step by step guide on how to tie the different knots). Get acquainted about which knot is suitable for which occasion and what kind of physique and then choose your style likewise to complement your overall personality. 
Calculating the perfect knot size is a tricky job. While a really small knot would look odd and childish, an insanely bigger one would give a pompous look and may seem to be ill-judged. Thus is it really necessary that you plan out well the point of the tie where you’d be creating your knot and adjust the wide and narrow end likewise. A simple mistake and you’d be judged as an amateur by the crowd.
Dimples are a really classy addition that adds a more textured look to the tie and serves as a cherry on the cake. It is a crease which is purposely created on the top of the knot. All you have to do is pinch the fabric on the center of the tie to create a crease that goes all the way through and even on the back of the tie knot. The knot is then carefully tightened with the crease in place. Although a little challenging, once mastered it can give a prefect drape to your necktie and a touch of sophistication to your suiting.
A perfect tie knot should not take more than a minute to be tied. If you’re taking enough time, all you need is a little practice. Check the online tutorials, the knot tying guides and different applications that make this learning process fun. Get your hands on a tie and practice it until you can make the flawless knot with one eye fixed on some other chore. That’s when you can call yourself a pro. 
Like dresses and suits, tie trends are constantly changing and you should make yourself aware of the latest styles. There’s no charm in copying the people of the eighteenth century and tying bows and cravats. Go with the latest knots, colors and patterns so you can bring out the best in you. Currently,slim ties in black and navy color are in style. Knitted and silk ties with monochrome patterns and subtle textures have also made their way into the market so better set your eyes on those that are in fashion. 
Not every one of us would be a pro here and it is absolutely fine to take ideas from models and actors because they wear the latest trends. For all sartorial matters, get inspirations from ones that master the art of contemporary tie wearing and you’ll eventually notice your wardrobe upgrading to a higher level. 
Cartoonish and novelty ties are the worst choice for gentleman. It’s a big NO when it comes to choosing styles because novelty ties would ruin your professionalism altogether.