5 Best Stores To Buy Neckties In Dubai

We have brought to you the top five brands in Dubai so the next time you set your foot out for tie shopping, you know where to go.

If there’s any such thing as a respect barometer, neckties would definitely score a high rating compared to many other elements of menswear. Taking out time to choose the perfect suit and complement it with a beautifully crafted tie really shows that you went an extra mile to focus on your appearance. A carefully selected necktie speaks volumes about your sharp dressing which indirectly leads the audience to believe that you are a deserving individual. We’ve brought to you the top five brands in Dubai so the next time you set your foot out for tie shopping, you know where to go.

With an enormous store located in the Mall of Emirates, Andrew’s Ties is a sensational success in the world of men’s fashion. For more than 20 years the company has been serving its customer’s neckwear needs with the most charming ties and accessories. Their aim is to give you the perfect style with a touch of elegance. Their attention to detail, thorough selection of materials and Italian fabrics are some of the characteristics behind the immense popularity of the brand among fashion aficionados. Each of their products are tailored to perfection and the wide range of colors and cuts makes Andrew’s a highly appreciated brand in the textile industry. It’s absolutely a must-check place if you want a special piece for your wardrobe.(Visit Store)
2.    BOGGI
Since 1939, Boggi has been designing contemporary men’s fashion wear with a touch of their own unique style. It takes pride in satisfying their customers and providing the expert advice on all aspects of fashion. The neckwear at Boggi is elegant, allowing one to express their personality with distinction. Fashion-forward gentlemen love Boggi’s sober taste and their approach to latest trends and styles. The company does not forget the importance of tradition and thus contemplates classical patterns with more trendy designs. In the world of Boggi, everyone finds exactly what he likes best. So it’s time for you to visit the Dubai Mall and browse through their collection of menswear. (Visit Store)
Cortefiel has sought its own style based on elegance, quality and comfort. With this approach, this Spanish brand has become a benchmark in fashion industry and is spreading its roots from Europe to Middle East. It is the best forum for men who are in their youths and are liberal enough to adopt new trends. With the latest designs in neckwear, Cortefiel is one of the many shops in Dubai Mall that offer the best neckties and accessories. Whether it’s your business meeting or a celebratory event, this is the place that can cater to all your ensemble needs. (Visit Store)
The famous Italian brand found in 1931 achieved milestones of success and soon found its way in the vicinity of Dubai Mall. With over 120 stores around the globe, Camicissima takes pride in offering the best collection of 100% silk ties imported from Italy. The key behind the success of the brand is their simple yet innovative creations that follow the latest fashion. From solid colors to stripes and foulard patterns, everyone is at ease to choose from a wide selection of styles. It’s also ideal for gentlemen who are searching for a more casual yet luxurious look. It’s one of the leading brands in tie industry, creating fine quality and classy designs, thus offering an ultimate collection for men who want to make an impression. (Visit Store)
This brand is just five years old and has already made its mark in London and Dubai. Catering the needs of style conscious clientele, this brand was soon adopted by numerous gentlemen possessing different tastes. With an evolving collection of menswear ranging from signature bow ties to modern accessories, Velsvoir upholds the heritage of independent design and an emerald eye for detail. In recognition of continually pushing boundaries of contemporary designs, Velsvoir received the ‘Best Regional Fashion Brand 2014’ award presented in Dubai. What else can be the proof of its intricate skills?  (Visit Store)

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