Best Ways To Store A Tie

a short run down on how you can store your ties correctly so they maintain their perfect crisp for a long time.

A perfectly worn tie does the great job of bringing the whole outfit together. It basically serves as a punctuation point to any suit or dress shirt. By simply mixing and matching your ties and dress shirts, you can diversify your wardrobe in no time. But ties are delicate objects which need special care else they’d become worn out and tattered before you realize. Here’s a short run down on how you can store your ties correctly so they maintain their perfect crisp for a long time. 


After a long day at work, most of you are exhausted enough to go through the trouble of removing your tie carefully. You might just loosen the knot to a point where you can simply take your head off this burden but believe me this is the worst habit that can ruin your tie terribly. It might be easy but it would damage the shape of your tie. You must always untie the knot by reversing the steps of the tying process else you’ll end up setting permanent creases and wrinkles on your tie. Also, you must fight the temptation of directly pulling the narrow end of the tie to loosen the knot because many tie knots are not self-releasing. 


Ties act like magnets to wrinkles and thus they should be stored very cautiously to avoid the need of regular steam ironing because heat is also damaging to the soft fabric of the tie. You may opt for any of the two ways to store your ties when they’re not in use.


As soon as you take off your tie, drape it around a hanger or a closet rod. Hanging a tie automatically makes the creases of the knot to smoothen out. A necktie rack is also an effective investment. Tie racks are specifically designed to organize and store ties in the best way possible. A little investment today can save you money in the long run by making your ties last you a lifetime. Make sure that your tie rack is hung in a place which is dark, cool and dry. This method is not suitable for knit ties for they may stretch out with the tension during hanging. 


Stuffing your ties in a drawer would just squeeze them altogether and as they’re extremely impressionable, you’re well aware of the consequences. On the off chance that you cannot invest in a tie rack or you have an ample collection of ties that you won’t be able to accommodate on the tie rack, opt for the roll and place method. Hold the narrow end of the tie between your index finger and thumb and wrap the wider end around it until you attain the shape of a cinnamon roll. Now you may stack them in rows or simply place them side by side in a dresser drawer having compartments so next time when you have to go somewhere, choosing the right tie doesn’t take much time.  


Avoid dumping your ties in a suitcase at all costs. You may fold your ties into fours and place them in the pocket of your coats so that their shape isn’t distorted. Placing them between other clothing is also an effective alternative but then there’s a possibility that the ties may shift and develop creases. If you’re carrying a coat case then that’s the cherry on the cake for you can simply hang your tie around its collar. For individuals who are not very fond of wearing ties and just take two pieces along with them on a trip, then we’ve got a far simpler way for you. All you have to do is roll the tie and place it in your dress shoes. They are rigid enough to avoid crushing of the ties, thus offering maximum protection. If none of these methods sound perfect to you then invest in a tie case which will give you ultimate satisfaction while travelling. However, do not rely on these methods of security and unroll and hang your tie as soon as you reach your destination for keeping it folded for longer period again runs the risk of developing resistant wrinkles. 


This is especially for tie aficionados who have brought over a hundred neckties of all colors, patterns and shapes to flaunt their wardrobe. You would definitely have experienced the struggle of getting your hand on the desirable tie when there’s a whole hanging pile to search for it. Tie racks are the best way to solve this problem. Not only would these tie racks protect the fabric of your tie as already explained, you’d in fact find it really easy to navigate through your entire collection and choose the best piece for any event. You would even have the freedom to arrange the ties by colors and patterns, going from lighter to darker shades. This way you’d just have to check a particular section for choosing a tie when wearing a certain dress shirt. 

While shopping for the tie rack, do consider the magnitude of your tie collection and then go for a rack that is large enough to accommodate it all. You may also want to make sure that the design of the rack is not such that tie slides off easily or hanging it becomes a difficult task. The ideal tie racks are the one that can be mounted inside the closet door with adjustable hangers so they don’t occupy enough space. Overstuffing the rack and overlapping of the ties would prevent the fabric from breathing and eliminating its odors. Besides, when you fail to spot the tie you’re looking for before an event, what’s the use of getting a rack in the first place? 


Tie storage is an important area to consider and learn about once you start wearing ties. We’ve outlined all the methods of storage above so you can choose the one that’s most feasible for you. Regardless of the method you choose, ensure that the tie is not exposed to direct sunlight for it may fade or shrink depending upon its fabric. 

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