Choosing The Best Suit Color For Your Wardrobe

some of the most useful suit colors that may help you in building your wardrobe with minimal struggle.

A quality suit is a charm of every man’s wardrobe but can be often a burden on the pocket. Besides, most of the men would need more than one piece if they’re very outgoing or suiting is an obligation at their work place. It becomes a real trouble sometimes to manage all this with limited funds. How to get rid of this dilemma?

The solution is simple. Maximize your spending power and give priority to colors and fabrics that are versatile and you’ll be able to wear them a plenty of times. Getting something you love but won’t wear often is simply a waste of resources. We bring to you some of the most useful suit colors that may help you in building your wardrobe with minimal struggle. We’ve listed them in decreasing order of versatility so it’s less of a challenge to prioritize for those who are on a budget. 


Navy blue is the de facto color for every stylish man out there and edges out other colors by a wide margin. Whether you’re outgoing or not, this is a must have for your wardrobe. Besides, it’s easily available because of its wide popularity. Navy blue suits look good on men of all physiques and skin tones. Bonus point is that it makes a gentleman looks younger than his age. It’s an ideal choice for individuals who want to stand out in a gathering and be remembered as a chic one. This simple and straight forward color lets you customize the suit with some fashion forward details and it won’t look gaudy at all. If you don’t have one of this, buy it right now!


Charcoal grey color is totally in competition with navy blue because it is equally versatile and graceful. Younger men would absolutely love charcoal grey when opting for a suit because it adds a few more years to their personality, giving them a mature and sophisticated look. It is a must-have for your collection because it goes with almost every colored dress shirt and is very easy to match with other accessories such as ties. Because it belongs to the category of neutral colors, anyone opting for charcoal grey will have the liberty to mix and match a variety of shirts and ties, thus adding adventure to his attire. It has a formal look and is appreciable in all gatherings from work and wedding to funerals and religious events. 


Do not confuse this shade with charcoal grey for it has a completely different aura to it. It is a little lighter than charcoal grey but almost equally versatile. We won’t recommend it as a must-have option but adding this color along with the former two can make your wardrobe extremely versatile. It has a less formal look but very few people are able to spot the difference so you can easily wear it to work and other formal or festive events. Buy these three colors with differences in their details and patterns and your wardrobe will be ninety percent complete. 


Comparatively lighter than its other brethren, this suit is a suitable option for spring, summer and fall season as it has an aura of coolness. It is too dull for the chilly winter days.  Light grey color has more of a casual tone and should be brought once a man is done with all his must-have colors. It does an excellent job in breaking the monotony of stereotypical shades and this lighter tone allows the induction of patterns and designs for they’re more prominently visible on a lighter background. 


Although black is a neutral tone, it is not a versatile one because it doesn’t look good on majority. Individuals with a darker skin tone and black hair may opt for this one but other skin types may not work well with this combination. Lighter toned people may look washed out and unflattering when wearing this dark shade. The reason may be the inadaptability of this color to other dress shirts worn with it. The only way to avail this color is to wear it to a formal black tie event. It is also appropriate for funerals and some religious events. 


Dark brown color is a great choice for individuals having darker hair and complexion. Blonds, redheads and those with ruddier complexions may also benefit from it if worn with caution. It is also effective in adding a bit of color to lighter toned dress shirts. However, it is not an option for formal gatherings and high class business events. 


It belongs to the family of brown colored suits but is a far better choice for it looks refreshing in warm weather. If the weather is appropriate and you have the complexion to pull off the look, it might be a stylish addition to your wardrobe. If you’re a suit aficionado, you’d love to buy this one and wear it to work every day. It’s a solid choice for men of low contrast who would have the liberty to wear pastel colored shirts with it. 


It seems like blue is the true color for suiting. However this shade is not easily available which is a clear testament of its uniqueness. Its fame can be attributed to the fact that it is a royal color and famous personalities like Prince William, Prince Harry and Vladimir Putin played an important role in popularizing this hue. It’s actually a good color to wear to weekend gatherings and festive events but avoid its use in elite formal gatherings. In spite of its chic look, it failed to make its mark in North America because of limited availability. This color scored really well among Europeans and Asians and you can easily get a customized one for your wardrobe. 


We’ve put this color in the end for it gives an odd look in general unless you’re Tom Wolfe who has made this his signature look. Wearing this color makes you the center of attention so you may opt for it in celebratory events like parties or when you want to have everybody’s undivided attention during a presentation. However do not obsess over buying one for yourself because it’s really not a necessity. 

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