Coordinating The Tie Knot With The Collar Type

pretty fair idea as to which knot is suitable for which collar shape.

Most men are just familiar with the technique of tying a single knot and out of convenience or blissful ignorance they use the same knot with every collar type they encounter. This is the worst thing you can do to your attire. Your tie knot should always be in coordination with the shape of your shirt’s collar, only then it would impart the desired elegance and sophistication. This mismatching should be avoided at all costs because it gives an aura of sloppiness and disturbs the natural harmony between the knot’s lines and the shape of the collar. Besides, it can cause the tie knot or the shirt collar to look disproportionately large or small, giving a subconscious feeling to the audience that something went wrong. 

As you’d observe, different shirt collars have different point angles and varying notch sizes, giving rise to a range of gap sizes where the tie knot can accommodate. Coordination between these two factors is of utmost importance to give a perfect look to your ensemble. For instance, a wide spread collar is the one whose points spread out at an obtuse angle and thus have the space to accommodate a large, triangular knot. On the other hand, straight point collar extend out at an angle less than 60 degrees, making narrow and longer shaped tie knots suitable for them. Furthermore, the fabric of the tie also plays a role in the size of the knot. Triangular knots like Windsor looks good when tied using thicker silk ties whereas striped ties are better suited for Four in Hand and other smaller knots. In the next two minutes you’ll get a pretty fair idea as to which knot is suitable for which collar shape. 


One of the oldest knots today, Four in hand was created in the nineteenth century in England. Its slightly long shape and small size makes it the best choice for narrow spread collars and button down collar dress shirts. It is a classical knot which is best suited for British striped and Regimental ties.


It has a slightly triangular shape compared to the Four in hand knot and can accommodate well in medium-width spread collars when tied using thick designer ties. Of all the knots that exist today. Half Windsor is the most versatile knot. 


Because of its enormous triangular shape, Windsor knot can only be worn with wide spread collars and is suitable for individuals having a large neck. Modern striped and foulard patterned ties are the perfect choice for tying the Windsor knot. 


Pratt knot is kind of an all-rounder because its medium size makes it a suitable choice for all kind of collar shapes and sizes. 

So the next time you’re getting ready for an event, make sure to choose the collar that complements your favorite tie knot or go for the knot style that accommodates perfectly on your favorite shirt. 

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