Dress To Impress - How To Dress For An Interview

special consideration should be given when choosing your dress for interviews one of the biggest days of your life.

Your first acquaintance with your potential employer is during the interview so it is of utmost importance that you make a confident impression the first time you meet him. Apart from your innumerable skills and an impressive work experience, the first thing that an interviewer would unconsciously observe about you is the way you carry yourself. Your professionalism should therefore reflect in your up-to-date attire. Dress gracefully whenever you set your foot into an office for an interview, regardless of the work environment and dress code practiced there. 

What’s the perfect dress code for an interview? Your first impression isn’t supposed to be a good one, but a great one! So when you’re working out on your curriculum vitae and other departments of expertise, save enough time to work out on your attire. A candidate dressed up in a suit and necktie would have a far stronger impression than the one dressed up in a jeans and t-shirt. Thus special consideration should be given when choosing your dress for one of the biggest days of your life. 

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Your attire has a deep influence on the final hiring decision of the interviewer. It reflects your integrity and dedication towards the job and how serious you are about the hiring process. Besides, in many jobs where getting in touch with customers and clients is a frequent occurring, your appearance is judged to make sure that you’ll make a good reputation of the company in future. Dressing up professionally gives an idea that you understand the dress code of the job well enough and are eager to follow it. 


As soon as you get a call for the interview, do a thorough research about the culture of the organization and the nature of your job. Formal attire is an obligation in law firms, banks and accounting companies whereas advertising companies and other creative industries are more lenient concerning attire. This would give you an idea as to what you should wear to the interview. 


Once you’ve chosen your dress, pulling off the perfect look is the ultimate goal. We’ve mentioned all the important pointers below so you don’t forget even a single thing. Follow them carefully and you’ll be amazed at the results. Slight changes can be made as per your desire and depending upon the nature of the situation. 


To attain an excellent overall appearance, the first thing you need to choose is your dress. 

SUIT: Wear a suit that is made up of wool or wool blend. Go for conventional colors like navy blue, brown, charcoal gray or black. 

SHIRT: A light colored shirt like white or pale blue should accompany a heavy colored suit.  Try to avoid loud colors and flashy designs. The sleeves must not be rolled up and a half inch of them should be visible from underneath the sleeves of the suit. 

BELT: A dark colored belt should be worn, preferably black. 

SOCKS: Avoid wearing ankle socks and white colored socks to a job interview. Go for dark colors like black, brown and gray. 

SHOES: The color of the shoes should match with that of the belt. You can opt for neutral colors like brown and black too. Shoes must be polished and laced up nicely. Leather shoes are preferred. 


Though many men are not used to wearing ties, remember that a necktie adds an extra charm to your personality and there is nothing better than a tie that can reflect professionalism and grace. It’s a standard and one of the most important components of a man’s attire and special consideration should be giving while choosing the right fabric and color. As a general rule, your tie should have a conservative look and shouldn’t be too flashy. 

TIE KNOT: There are four conventional tie knots that can be worn to interviews and are suitable for casual business events. These are the Four in hand knot, Half Windsor knot, Windsor knot and Pratt knot. Either of them can be worn to an interview however, the ones having a large, symmetrical shape are more appreciated because of their elegant look. Your tie knot should always be in coordination with your collar type (for more information on collar types, check our next article). 

COLOR & PATTERN: Dark colored ties such as navy blue and dark red are preferred because they’re less distracting and give a formal look. The pattern should be conservative, having either dots, stripes or subtle patterns. 

FABRIC: Silk is the finest fabric to exist and thus there can be nothing better than wearing a silk tie to a job interview. 

ACCESSORIES: Tie bars and tie clips are optional additions that can be worn to keep the tie in place. Again, care should be taken that they must not be distracting to the other person. 


A few more things to be taken care of before leaving for an interview are listed below. Though they do not come under the umbrella of attire, paying attention to them can help you achieve a better look. 

HAIRSTYLE: Make sure to trim your hair nicely, wash and blow dry for a fresh look and choose hairstyles that are simple and manly. Avoid applying excessive hair gel. 

MUSTACHE & BEARD: You should get a fresh shave before an interview. On the off chance that you want to keep your beard, trim it nicely so that it looks neat and well groomed. 

FINGERNAILS: It is pretty useless to mention that your fingernails should be well trimmed and clean. 

BRIEFCASE: You may want to carry a briefcase to hold items like folders, certificates, portfolio, resume, sheets of paper and pen. Backpacks are strictly unprofessional when carried to an interview.

COLOGNE: Use a little amount of any cologne that has a subtle fragrance. Heavy perfumes can literally give an overpowering aura to you.  

JEWELLERY: Avoid wearing any accessories like chain, pendant, earrings or rings to an interview.  It is also recommended to cover your tattoos and body piercings if you have any. 

MOUTH FRESHENER: Take a breath mint with you and chew on it once you enter the office. Smoking right before an interview would be a bummer for sure. 

THE DON’Ts: Never carry gums, candy or cigarettes to any interview. If you’re addicted, you can surely keep going without them for a couple of hours. 

Although these are tiny details that may go unnoticed, you should give extra attention to them because after all, perfection is everything!


Although you used to flaunt the latest fashion during your college days, a job interview is an absolutely different world. Sandals and sweatshirts are not considered cool anymore and suiting up nice is the only way to earn respect at a glance. Remember that interviews follow a pretty conservative protocol, irrespective of how flexible the organization is regarding the dress code of its employees. So don’t plan to get away with whatever you have in your wardrobe and properly plan your attire before setting out in the professional world.  In a nutshell, business suits were and will remain the interview standard throughout the world. 

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