How To Choose Perfect Tie Color For Business Purposes

it has become a real headache to choose one proper piece that is both stylish and versatile at once.

With the innumerable styles and patterns of ties available in the market today, it has become a real headache to choose one proper piece that is both stylish and versatile at once. As a tie completes a man’s outfit and can do wonders, it is necessary to give it a special thought when buying one. A necktie not only complements your suit but capitalizes it and maximizes its benefits. Psychologically speaking, it is one of the few things that anyone notices about you on the first look. It’s an important tool if you’re looking for a job, a valuable client or even a life partner.  As it’s obvious, a gentleman must have a little variety in his wardrobe so he can choose a different style in different events. Nobody wants to be amongst those who wear the same tie to work, weddings and funerals. 

This article is not a speculation about the different ways to tie a tie and tips to take good care of it. It is in fact an overview of the different colors of neckties available in the market today and how a color affects the personality and attitude of an individual. It is of utmost importance that your necktie is in coordination with your overall attire, style and goals. To make sure that your tie selection is perfect, you must go through the following content which explains the significance of each color in different settings. 


Red is one of the most intimidating and bold color when it comes to neckties. It gives a tinge of hue to your overall dull outfit and looks best with dark colored suits. It goes well with almost all shirts but the greatest match comes with white, blue or gray ones. This is a must-have for every man’s wardrobe who is a style aficionado. 


This is purely a business classic. Not only that, they are also suitable for cocktail parties and other casual social gatherings. For the most professional yet chic look, go for a solid burgundy tie or one with minimal pattern. Believe it or not, nothing goes wrong when you wear this shade tie with a light colored dress shirt. 


Blue is one of the most versatile colors and its necessary to have one of these shades in your collection. A lighter tone of blue can liven up a dark colored suit and is the ideal tone for spring season. Being a standard and most popular color for neck ties, blue ties are the choice for receptions, formal events and business meetings.


This shade of blue is intrinsic to a stylish business outfit. It perfectly combines with dark colored suits, giving the individual an aura of boldness and conservativeness. Navy blue ties go well with almost all dress shirts, making it a versatile choice for different events. Any tie with a navy blue background and different patterns is a good choice for it livens up the mood without compromising the formality of the situation. 


These bright and refreshing colors are perfectly suited for a summer or spring attire. Lighter shades can be worn at formal events and commemorative sessions while the darker ones are appreciated in social gathering and entertainment events. Opt for a lighter toned dress shirt such as white, light blue or salmon color when wearing these ties. 


This is another group of fresh colored ties which impart an aura of liveliness. Bright shades are the best choice for summer and spring season. Ties having a colored base with different patterns and stripes look good both as a part of formal and casual attire. A patterned yellow tie can be worn with suit and shirt of darker combination to enhance the level of contrast. Green ties, on the other hand, are a perfect match for light colored shirts like white and blue. Solid and striped patterns are the most recommended ones. 


Brown ties are more suited for casual business because of their informal look. The only problem with brown ties is that you’ve got to have a huge collection of shirts and jackets because these ties rarely go well with anything. They can be availed for weekend parties, informal gatherings and social events otherwise it’s not the option for interviews and boardroom meetings where you have to be the centre of attention. Their perfect match is with a blazer jacket or a suit of same color.  


Avoid wearing a black tie unless you’re a waiter at a renowned restaurant or you have to attend a funeral. Solid black ties are extremely unflattering so if you’re really a fan of black, wear it in the evening events with a tuxedo. Black suits with black ties are a big ‘no, no’. 


White ties fall in a category which should be avoided for formal events and festive occasions. It is a specific color for judges, lawyers and defenders so if you’re not one of them, this tie is not made for you. 


Silver ties give a neat, classic look when worn with a plain white dress shirt. They’re the choice when you’re going to festive events, birthday celebrations, cocktail parties and other occasions of that sort. It is too extravagant to be worn to office everyday so if you want something for casual business, opt for a grey tie that is well-matched to the suit and dress shirt. 


Multicolored ties are the specialty of those individuals who love to stand out in a huge crowd. It is a distinctive choice for young professionals and when worn with precision, they accentuate an individual’s personality and mood. Multicolored ties are a reflection of a man’s good taste but make sure to coordinate it with some business classics because you sure don’t want to be the clown in the crowd. These ties should thus be worn with care. 

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