How To Choose The Perfect Tie For Every Occasion

The type of collar you’re wearing is another factor that may affect your choice of knot.

A perfect tie with an elegant knot makes all the difference in the way a man looks. A simple dimple can further accentuate the level of sophistication and depth in a man’s outfit while slight sloppiness can spoil your reputation big time. There are around eighty-five ways to tie a tie but not everyone can pull off every style perfectly. You’ve probably been taught a single way when you were a teenager and you’re still tying it because who cares as long as it gets the work done. Well, that’s not what style aficionados would like you to do. Before tying a necktie, you must always take into consideration your natural proportions and the nature of the event you’re going to. The type of collar you’re wearing is another factor that may affect your choice of knot. 


You must take the following factors into account when buying a tie for yourself.


A high quality tie may put an extra burden on your pocket but it’s guaranteed to last you a lifetime if properly taken care of. Don’t look for cheap ones because they may cost you less but won’t impart the flawless look as the expensive ones. In short, do not compromise on quality ever. Also, make sure that the piece you’re buying is not defective or crinkled in any way. 


The best choice of material is obviously silk, smooth and extravagant. Silk ties are evergreen and can be worn in literally every sort of gathering. If you want something more elite, go for cashmere knit ties which give the best look amongst all. If you want something for daily wear, opt for cotton, wool and linen. For elite occasions, many stores even sell leather faux ties but they are high maintenance and should only be brought if you’re capable enough of handling them. 


Get a tie whose length and thickness complement your physique. If you’re tall, you’d obviously need a longer tie to reach your waistline. The rule of thumb is that the wide end should reach the buckle of your belt when tied. If you’re confused, you may take a dress shirt along with you and try it on with the tie to make sure it looks perfect. 


The color of the tie depends on the color of your entire dress. Dark colored ties like navy blue and maroon look good when worn with light colored shirts. Always go for light patterns, stripes and dots. Ties having pictures and block prints give a really boyish look. 


While solid colored ties look good on everyone, there are certain things to keep in mind while opting for different patterns. If you’ve got a strong, angular face, you would look good in striped ties. For individuals with a slightly rounded facial cut, ties with dots and paisley printed ones are the ideal option. 


One of the most important things to keep in mind is to check what is in fashion at the moment. Skinny ties are quite in style these days but they only look good on individuals with a slim body frame. 


Frankly put, there is no such thing as a perfect knot for a certain occasion. There may be more than one knots suited for a particular event and as far as you master the art of tying it, you’re good to go. All you have to ensure is that your knot is not too distracting, making you look a bit eccentric. Here we talk about the most common ones that are generally in use and easy to tie. 


It is an asymmetrical knot and probably the prototype of all kinds of knots. Many of you would have started wearing their ties using this easiest knot. Being less bulky than its competitors, it is well suited for narrow, pointed collars. If you’ve got a slim physique and a small head, this knot is the perfect choice for you because it is in accordance with your body proportions. Besides, a Four in Hand knot can be worn with your everyday attire when you’re going to work, social gatherings and casual chores. 


Mistakenly referred to as the double Windsor knot, it is an enormous, symmetrical, triangular knot that accentuates a personality several folds. Owing to its large size, it is an ideal choice for individuals having huge body frame and a large face. Windsor is the knot of choice when going to job interviews, business meetings, presentations, courtroom and anywhere where you want to project confidence and look respectable. Always wear it with wide spread collar shirts to help the knot accommodate in the center of the collar. 


If you wish to have the upscale look of a Windsor knot but with little struggle, this is the knot of choice. Less bulky than the Windsor but possessing the same triangular, symmetrical shape, Half Windsor knot is also suitable for formal meetings and courtroom appearances. Individuals with sturdy built should opt for this versatile style. 


Pratt knot is somewhat between Four in hand knot and the Windsor knot. Its moderate size and symmetrical look makes it a suitable option for all individuals and occasions. 


Apart from the conventional knots, we’ve got a variety of aesthetic knots that are best worn in festive occasions, high class gatherings and elite parties. They are too extravagant to be opted for everyday office meetings. Although a little tricky to tie, the level of elegance and sophistication is beyond measure. 

However, it’s very important that whatever you wear makes you feel comfortable. There’s no sense in wearing a knot that makes you feel nervous around people and compromises your efficiency, no matter how perfect the knot looks with your overall attire. Besides, make sure that your knot is in coordination with the thickness of the tie. For thin ties, Windsor is the knot of choice whereas for thick ones Four in hand knot would look good. So in the end all you have to worry about is feeling satisfied. If you feel good, you’re ready to go!


Ties have evolved as a fundamental part of outfit for every contemporary, fashion forward gentleman. Thus it is compulsory to give a thought before buying ones for your wardrobe. Our core philosophy is to help you dress nicely for every gathering and thus we want you to take care of everything from choosing the right color to opting for the right knot. Happy shopping!

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