How To Find The Perfect Tie For A Dress Shirt

learn these five excellent tips that will help you a big deal when you’re dressing up for an event next time.

One of the most defining style characteristics of a sharply dressed man is how well he coordinates his necktie with his shirt or jacket. Now you may not be a pro at it but it’s never too late to learn. The key to perfect grooming lies in purchasing your clothing smartly so all the components go along well with each other. Besides, you need to make smart decisions while mixing and matching colors because that’s what the real game is. Anyway, let’s get down to business and learn these five excellent tips that will help you a big deal when you’re dressing up for an event next time. Via this article we’ve made an attempt to teach you the basics of tie shopping and mixing and matching.


Why do men wear ties when they’re better off without it? The reason is simple. Ties were created in the first place to exaggerate the beauty of any outfit. They should in fact complement whatever shirt or jacket you’re wearing. The smartest way to build a wardrobe is to opt for ties that would go with the shirts you already own. You should focus on matching your less costly accessories such as neckties with the extravagant clothing like your suits and jackets. Doing vice versa is not only plain stupidity but would also be a burden on your pocket. 

When you’re out shopping, make sure to choose your suit first. Try opting for neutral, solid colors so you have the liberty of choosing its accessories from a wide variety. It’s a real challenge to choose ties for pastel colored suits with unusual patterns so it’s better to avoid them. Your next stop should be that for your dress shirts. Go for light, subtle colors and remain conservative with your choice. Now with the suit and shirt in hand, you can easily opt for different patterns of ties that go with the former. This would give the audience an impression that your attire was thought out well and you yourself would feel an inner satisfaction because of your deliberate thinking.  


Neckties are available in a variety of sizes and lengths. However the width is the most important factor when it comes to overall look of an attire. As a rule of thumb, the width of your tie should be equal to the width of the lapel of your jacket. This is around three to four inches in an average person. A wider tie would look too prominent and may even conceal the more important areas of your outfit such as the jacket itself while a thinner one would make you look too big. A width that matches that of the lapels would ensure balanced proportions and a perfect look. 


Tie is one of the most important components of an attire that thrives in an enormous variety of colors and patterns. Although options are good for public, they are also a cause of immense confusion among the beginners. Here are the few styles you can opt for if you want to look sophisticated and cosmopolite. 

Solid neckties

Polka dots

Foulard ties

Paisley neckties

Striped ties

No matter whatever pattern you choose, always make sure that it should never be similar to the pattern of your shirt. Just imagine wearing a paisley necktie on a printed shirt. You’d no wonder resemble the canvas of an amateur artist. Such practice would make the element of contrast disappear from your dressing and it may even look abnormal to the audience.  Go for tie styles that complement the pattern of your shirt. For instance, dark colored, solid ties look best with light colored shirts that may have a subtle design. 


When you’re opting for neutrals and cooler hues like deep blue, navy, olive green, gray and purple, there are minimum chances for anything to go wrong. In fact these ties would look good on majority of your shirts if they are light colored and simple in pattern. Warmer colors such as red, orange and yellow are specifically designed to draw some extra attention. They would give you the desired popularity when worn with neutral suits like navy and charcoal gray. This style is best suitable for presentations and business meetings. 


With the diversified trends today, there is no limitation when it comes to choosing a fabric for your tie. There seems to be a new style and fabric making its way into the market every day. When it comes to choosing the right fabric, you may opt from the following:

Silk – The extravagant feel of silk and the luxury of this material is the best thing to experience. It’s a top notch choice for all men and the texture can vary from smooth to stiff, depending upon the quality of silk. 

Cashmere – This soft fabric comes second to silk when we talk about style and lavishness. It is warmer than wool and imparts sophistication to anyone who wears it.

Satin – Satin weave has a natural shine to it that makes it silk’s competitor at a cheaper price. The only drawback of satin is its dull appearance but when you wish to buy something economical, this is the perfect choice. 

Polyester – It is a petroleum based fabric which attracts customers because of its economical price. It is inspired by the luxurious feel and the elegant look of silk but obviously falls short to reach to its competition. 


All you need is a little knowledge and confidence when it comes to coordinating colors, styles and patterns. A well coordinated attire reflects professionalism so make every attempt to dress graciously wherever you go. For more information on the different styles of ties, you may check our next article ‘10 necktie styles that are a charm of every wardrobe’.

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