The Four in Hand knot, also known as simple knot, Cravat knot or a Schoolboy knot, is one of the many classic knots that you can opt for if style and simplicity is all that you need. With an element of versatility, it can be tied in various ways and that adds to the pros of this style.

The technique to tie a Four in Hand knot is explained in the simplest words to make it easy for the beginners. Follow it step and by step and you’ll be good to go!

Step-1 Place the tie around the neck in such a way that the narrow end of the tie hangs on your left side while the  wide end is on your right side at the level of the waist or slightly above it. The vertical distance between both the ends shall be approximately 12 inches.

Step-2 The wide end of the tie is then crossed over to the opposite side and placed over the narrow end. 

Step-4 Turn the wide end from underneath the narrow end so that it comes out from the right side. 

Step-4 Place the wide end over the narrow one such that it is in front of the narrow end once again. 

Step-5 The wide end is then pulled up beneath the knot to reach the centre region around the neck. 

Step-6 By loosely supporting the knot with your index finger, bring the wide end down and let it pass through the loop in the front. 

Step-7 Remove your index finger from the knot and hold the narrow end to slide the knot upwards.

Step-8 Ensure that the knot is tightened and in apposition with the collar. 

Step-9 Hide the narrow end behind the wide one and make sure the lower end of the tie is at the level of the belt. 

And congratulations, you’re done!

A man in a suit is definitely an epitome of grace and dignity. But what can glorify your attire is a little addition of a tie that can help you attain a timeless look. It not only reflects professionalism and pride but has also stood the test of all times when it comes to style. Choosing the right style for your occasion is integral for the overall classy outlook. It won’t be an exaggeration to call it a significant decision of a man’s style. Obviously, each of the innumerable styles of knots is best suited for different occasions and picking the right style is fundamental to enhance the aura of your outfit. 

The Four in Hand knot is a universal choice in majority of men because of its easy tying technique, adaptability for all kinds of shirts, suitability for almost every occasion and above all, its chic look. Although impeccable, it is believed to have an element of sprezzatura because of its asymmetrical look. The knot never looks identical two times in a row and this flaw makes its use limited to casual gatherings. 

Practically speaking, a four in hand knot has a discreet, small and elongated shape which makes it well suited for narrow collar shirts or button-down dress shirts and is the optimum choice for men of medium to tall built. Both finished and loosened look reflects class but the knot looks better with wide neckties made up of a heavy fabric. This helps the knot stay in place. It goes well with both three-piece suits and casual dress shirts worn simply on jeans. So be it a party or any social outing where a formal look is not mandatory, flaunt yourself in style with the Four in Hand knot.