The attire is a very influential factor in anyone’s journey to success. A fashion forward gentleman would know that a great looking necktie plays a significant role in making an impressionable statement. It has emerged as a staple element in men’s modern fashion. Just a knot around the collar and you can see the outstanding transformation of your ensemble from a simple to sophisticated one in no time. Thus it is an established fact that a tie whether worn as part of a uniform or in a formal gathering can do wonders in enhancing the overall look. 

So now if you want to graduate to this elegant look, you don’t just need skills and knowledge but the capability to take care of your ties because let’s get it straight: ties are extremely delicate objects when it comes to maintenance. The most terrible problem that every man faces everyday is the innumerable wrinkles on the tie that give it a worn out look. Via this article, we aim to help you learn the art of tackling this issue in minimal time so you can flaunt around in your favorite tie.


You should try and prevent wrinkles from appearing on your tie in the first place. A little effort into storing them carefully can solve a large part of your problem. A few steps can be followed to prevent wrinkles setting their mark onto your tie. 

The knot shouldn’t be tied very tightly. 

After every use, untie the knot completely before hanging your tie. Don’t be among those lazy individuals who just loosen the knot to take off the tie and put it back on the next day. You might save a few minutes this way but you’d lose your favorite tie to permanent wrinkles in the long run.

When untying, never pull the thin end through the knot. Instead, follow the tying steps in a reverse fashion so you don’t end up getting permanent wrinkles on your tie, making it look disheveled and shapeless. 

It is recommended to avoid using the same tie two day in a row, if possible. Your neckties need a rest every now and then, and simply hanging them after use can flatten out many of the wrinkles. So if you’re supposed to wear a tie everyday to work, consider buying more than one piece for yourself. 

You must learn religiously as to how a tie should be stored. Either hang it around the collar of your shirt or a rod in your wardrobe, or buy a tie rack that is specifically designed to store ties. Proper storage can make most of the wrinkles fall off themselves. You may also roll them like cinnamon rolls and place them in the drawer side by side. The latter option is best for knit ties so they don’t stretch out while hanging. 

When travelling, consider using a tie case rather than squeezing them between your other garments. 

Make sure that your tie is kept out of sunlight else it would fade away with time. 


Some creases are tough enough to make their way onto your tie after every use but a little effort can help you get rid of them. Follow these steps so you’re never obliged to wear the same knackered tie to work again. It’s a serious business because one wrong step and you’ll end up ruining your tie for ever. 

Slight wrinkles can easily be treated by simply hanging the tie on a tie rack for some time. 

You may also lay out your tie flat on a smooth table and straighten the wrinkles with your hand. 

Roll and place method can also be used to make the wrinkles disappear overnight. 

A garment steamer can be used to get rid of tough wrinkles. Hang your tie on a hanger and move the steamer over the fabric with utmost care and precision. Hanging the tie in the bathroom while taking a shower or steam bath would do the same trick.

If you’re still not satisfied, you may consider ironing your tie. For more information, you may check our next article ‘Tips on ironing a tie’. 


Ties are easily disfigured because of their delicate material and thus special care is required to increase their longevity. Wrinkled ties are the worst thing you can wear in a professional environment so it is better to get rid of this menace when your tie is still in a good condition.