Let us learn how to tie a Boutonniere knot by following this easy technique in a stepwise fashion. Regular practice would help you memorize the steps and you’d be able to pull off the look much better. 

Step-1 Drape the necktie around your collar such that the wide end is on the left side and the narrow end hangs on the right side. The narrow end should be really long as compared to the wide end because fabric consumption is very high when tying the Boutonniere knot.

Step-2 Pinch the wide end to create a dimple and cross it over to the right side from underneath the narrow end.

Step-3 Take the narrow end up and through the back of the collar loop and bring it down on the opposite side.

Step-4 The knot should be kept tight form the start only else you won’t be left with enough fabric in the end.

Step-5 Bring the narrow end around the back of the knot to the left side, feed it through the top of the knot and bring it down across to the right side. This marks the completion of first set and the same steps are to be repeated three more times as explained below. 

Step-6 Feed the narrow end through the top of the knot and bring it out on the left side. 

Step-7 Feed it again through the top of the knot and bring it out on the right side. You’ve just completed set number two. 

Step-8 Feed the narrow end through the top of the knot and bring it down on the left side. Do the same step for the right side to complete the third set.

Step-9 Repeat the above step one last time and this marks the completion of four sets.

Step-10 By this time, you’d be left with very little fabric. The narrow end would lie in the right region with the seam facing outward.

Step-11 Tuck the narrow end behind the collar on the right side and push up the knot against the center of the collar. 

Step-12 You can improve the look by a little adjustment of the knot so that each fold seems like its overlapping the successive fold in a synchronous fashion.

Boutonniere knot is a thick enormous knot which is famous for its long loops. This makes it a perfect choice for wide spread collars. It is best for both semi-formal and festive occasions such as weddings, parties and balls. Its smooth and clean shape gives a flawless appearance and symmetry may be one of the reasons it is loved for. We recommend you to wear this knot with a vest or a jacket.