Caldwell Swagg knot is one of the most unusual knots known to man. It’s extremely simple to tie and has a unique look that might puzzle the audience. Here is a simple step by step procedure to help you learn tie the Caldwell Swagg knot. 

Step-1 Drape the necktie around your collar with the wide end hanging on the left side at the level of mid thigh and the narrow end on the right side about a couple of inches above the wide end.

Step-2 Take the wide end and cross it over to the right side from over the narrow end.

Step-3 Bring it up through the loop around the collar and bring it down on the same side.

Step-4 Bring the wide end around the back of the narrow end into the left region and feed it through the top of the collar loop again.

Step-5 Bring the wide end down from the center and cross it over to the right side.

Step-6 Wrap the wide end around the front of the knot, bringing it from right to left side. 

Step-7 Feed the wide end up through the centre of the collar loop and drape it down in the front so that it lies exactly on top of the narrow end with the seam facing inward.

Step-8 Flip the wide end over to your shoulder to expose the narrow end. 

Step-9 Tighten the knot a little bit and twist the narrow end so the seam faces outward.

Step-10 Flip the narrow end underneath the centre of the collar loop and bring it back from the front so that it lies on top of the knot.

Step-11 Bring the wide end back down in position. By the end of this step, your narrow end would lie on top of the wide end which in turn is concealing the knot underneath.

Step-12 Take the narrow end and feed it into the dress shirt where the neck is. Reach in through the button area and pull the narrow end down the shirt. 

Step-13 Smoothen out the wide end to maintain the flawless look of your tie. 

Congratulations! You’ve just created an epitome of style that would give a formal look to your ensemble. This knot was created by C3 so hats off to him for introducing this amazing masterpiece. A vest and tie clip is recommended when opting for the Caldwell Swagg knot to help it stay in place. It is absolutely perfect for all sorts of occasions and looks best when worn with paisley and pattern ties. Besides, it’s extremely easy to tie and even the beginners can pull off the prefect look in one go.