Capsule knot is one of the many exotic knots that exist these days. The tying procedure is really easy and all you have to do is follow the steps carefully to execute the perfectly tied Capsule knot.  

Step-1 Drape the necktie around your collar in such a way that the wide end is on your left side and the narrow end on your right side, hanging a few inches below the wide end. The wide end should be positioned at the level of your waistline.

Step-2 Pinch the wide end near the collar to create a dimple in it. Cross the narrow end over the wide end from right to left. 

Step-3 Feed the narrow end up through the top of your necktie and cross it over to the right side.

Step-4 Bring the narrow end around the back of the forming knot from right to left. 

Step-5 Take the narrow end back into the right region by crossing over the front of the knot.

Step-6 Feed the narrow end up through the back of the collar loop of the right side and pull it down from the center. 

Step-7 Cross the narrow end to the right side and tuck it around the back of the forming knot to make it emerge from the left side.

Step-8 With the seam facing outward, feed the narrow end up through the top of your necktie, pull it downward from the center and cross over to the right side.

Step-9 Loosen the two oblique bands formed in front of the knot a little bit.

Step-10 Feed the narrow end through these two bands one by one such that it emerges from the left side now.

Step-11 Tuck the remaining narrow end through the bottom of the collar loop and tighten it all by tugging onto the knots one by one. 

Step-12 Hold onto the knot and tug on the wide end to push the knot towards the center of the collar. 

Capsule knot is not complicated at all and even the beginners can pull off the look perfectly. It has a professional aura to it which makes it a suitable choice for work while its casual look makes it work well in social gatherings. In a nutshell, Capsule knot is the best choice when you want to stand out in a crowd without sounding pretentious.