Almost every man would agree with the saying that a necktie adds to a man’s charm. A Cavendish knot is one of the many styles that you can opt for your everyday office meetings or casual gatherings. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned expert, we bring to you the complete step by step guide to tie a Cavendish knot. To better adopt this method, I’d recommend regular practice for a few days. Here’s how it goes. 

Step-1 Stand in front of the mirror and adjust the tie around your collar such that the wide end is on the right side of the mirror image while the narrow end is on the left side. The seam would be facing inward in this step. 

Step-2 Bring the wide end in front of the narrow end and cross it to the other side (from right to left).

Step-3 Three regions would be formed: left, right and center region.

Step-4 From underneath the narrow end, pull the wide end so that it emerges from the right side of the mirror image. 

Step-5 Bring the wide end upwards and pass it in front of the narrow end through the loop around the collar. Make the wide end emerge from the left side then. 

Step-6 Now bring the wide end from left and wrap it around the front of the knot, creating a horizontal band or loop. By this stage, the tip of the wide end would be in the right region of the mirror image.

Step-7 Wrap the underneath of the knot with the wide end and bring it back to the left region. 

Step-8 Once again, create another stack of loop by bringing the wide end from the left to the right region. 

Step-9 Adjust the stack of loops with precision to maintain the tidiness.

Step-10 With your wide end in the right region now, grab its tip and pass it beneath the collar loop towards the center region.

Step-11 Finally, bring the wide end down through the front loop and tighten the knot accordingly by tugging on the narrow end. 

And done! You’ve just tied this classic knot effectively using the above mentioned strategy. Continue honing this style to master it. 

Cavendish knot is potentially one of the most versatile knots and a rather simple style to execute if you’re a pro in tying the Four in hand knot. It was invented by two physicists of the Cambridge University who created over eighty different styles to tie a necktie knot. It was named Cavendish because its creators used to work in the Cavendish laboratory of the university and thus named it after their workplace. It won’t be wrong to call it a mirror image of a Four in hand knot, just slightly bigger in size. It is also less triangular and slightly awry and asymmetrical in shape. 

The best part of this aesthetic knot is that it can be worn with any kind of tie or fabric and suits almost every collar. Tying it with a skinny tie is recommended because it gives a more distinguished look compared to wider ties. However, since it takes up a lot of fabric, it is imperative to have a longer tie to attain the flawless look.  It is an ideal choice for almost every occasion and the best of all: it looks good on men of all physiques. Since it is not tied in an upside down position, individuals opting for Cavendish knot do not have to worry about the seam poking from behind and ruining the overall grace.