Let us learn how to tie the Glennie Helical knot by following these steps carefully in a synchronous fashion. 

Step-1 Drape the neck tie around your collar in such a way that the wide end is on the left side and the narrow end on the right side. This knot is tied using the wide end thus it should be placed substantially lower than the narrow end, around the level of mid thigh.

Step-2 Cross the wide end over the narrow end, taking it from left to right side.

Step-3 Make the first pass by wrapping the wide end around the back of the narrow end from right to left. Make sure to keep the knot tight and close to the neck.

Step-4 Make the second pass by bringing the wide end into the right region from the front of the narrow end. The trick is to keep the second pass loose enough to insert two fingers. 

Step-5 Bring the wide end to the left side by wrapping it around the back of the narrow end.

Step-6 Make the third pass around the narrow end in the same way as done before. Make sure to keep this pass tight and smooth.

Step-7 Make the last pass by bringing the wide end in front of the narrow end from left to right and back to the left side again. This pass should be kept loose like the second one.

Step-8 With the wide end now in the left region, feed its tip through the fourth pass and pull it upward. Tighten the knot a little bit so it doesn’t get messy during the next steps.

Step-9 Feed the tip again through the second pass and pull it upward. Make sure the loops are nice and smooth and don’t twist in the way.

Step-10 Feed the wide end underneath the collar loop and bring it up through the front of the knot.

Step-11 Feed the tip of the wide end through the second pass one more time, this time pulling it in a downward direction.

Step-12 Feed it again through the fourth pass, pulling it all the way downwards.

Step-13 Hold onto the upper part of the knot and pull the narrow end to push the knot close to the center of the collar.

Step-14 Smoothen out the knots so there’s just a single dimple at the bottom of the knot without any wrinkles elsewhere. 

And done! You’re all set to step your foot into the audience with this unique knot. 

Glennie Helical knot is an unusual member in the family of aesthetic knots as it shows two loops that are stacked on top of each other with a little transition area in between. It looks good when worn with tuxedos and is the knot of choice for formal occasions. Opt for patterned or striped ties to impart a really cool effect to your knot.