Wearing a necktie is an obligatory custom in majority of countries and is a significant part of any dress code. Thus learning how to tie a perfect knot is of utmost importance. This knot got its name from the House of Hanover in Great Britain much like the Windsor and Half Windsor knot which got its name from British monarch as well. A Hanover knot is well known for forming a perfectly symmetrical equatorial triangle which is bulky and consumes ample amount of tie fabric. To learn the easiest way of tying a Hanover knot, follow the steps carefully and I guarantee that you’ll be pleased with the end result. Do not be intimidated by the innumerable steps for it is a very easy procedure and even a beginner can execute it with perfection. 

Step-1 Wrap the tie around your collar with the wide end facing the left side and the narrow end facing the right side. The seam should face outward and the wide end should be positioned almost a feet below the narrow end. 

Step-2 Cross the wide end beneath the narrow end from left side to right side. 

Step-3 Wrap the thick end around the front of the knot by bringing it from right to left. 

Step-4 From underneath the collar loop on the left side, bring the wide end upwards and pull it downwards, avoiding the horizontal band formed in front of the knot.

Step-5 Take the wide end in the right region and fold it behind the knot, making it emerge from the left side. 

Step-6 Once in the left region, flip the wide end upward and over the loop around the collar. At this point, your seam would face inward.

Step-7 After emerging from the loop, bring the wide end to the right of the narrow end. 

Step-8 Now finally bring it horizontally across the front of the knot such that a horizontal band is formed from right to left. 

Step-9 Tuck the wide end beneath the collar loop from the left side and make it emerge from the center region. 

Step-10 Pull it all the way down through the horizontal loop you’ve just created. The seam would be facing inward.

Step-11 With both the hands, tighten the knot and bring it in apposition with the collar. 

Step-12 A dimple in the knot can also be created and depends on an individual’s personal desire. 

Step-13 To untie, follow the above mentioned steps in a reverse order and do not tug onto the narrow end because this knot is not self-releasing. 

There you go! The finished knot gives a complete look when worn with cutaway collars otherwise the corners of the triangle won’t be clearly visible. Keep practicing and you’ll become a pro in no time. 

Hanover knot is an elegant option for all kind of events, ranging from formal meetings to casual parties. It is a reliable staple for gentlemen who prefer a solid knot to complement their suit. It is also an ideal choice for ties that hang too much below the waist line after tying conventional knots. Because of its intrinsically huge size, it is better not to use a thick fabric tie when tying the Hanover knot. It is also highly unsuitable for woven and knitted ties. Though it is a knot which is tied with the seam facing outwards, don’t be worried because the completed look would hide the seam behind the wide end of the tie. In a nutshell, it won’t be wrong to call it a bigger version of the Windsor knot.