Harlequin knot is a really cool and neat knot with an upward pointed shape that gives the look of a diamond. This article is intended to show you a step by step procedure on how to tie a Harlequin knot. It would surely prove to be a great addition to your tie rack.

Step-1 Drape the neck tie around your collar such that the wide end is on your right side and the narrow end on the left side. This knot is tied using the narrow end so make sure it’s a big longer than the wide end. The wide end would be positioned around the belly button.

Step-2 Take the wide end and pinch it to create a dimple.

Step-3 Cross the narrow end from right to left from over the wide end.

Step-4 Feed the narrow end underneath the collar loop and bring it back on the same side.

Step-5 Take the narrow end behind the wide end, creating an oblique loop in the left region.

Step-6 The narrow end would now be in the right region with the seam facing outward. 

Step-7 Take the tip of the narrow end and feed it through the oblique loop created in the previous steps. 

Step-8 Take the narrow end and feed it through the center of the collar loop and bring it down on the right side. 

Step-9 Feed the tip of the narrow end through the loop on the right side of the knot and bring it down all the way through. After this step, your narrow end would lie obliquely on top of the wide end with the seam facing inward.

Step-10 Bring the narrow end around the back of the wide end and feed it through the oblique loop on the left side that you just created during the process. The tip of narrow end would now point upward in the left region with the seam facing inward.

Step-11 Push your finger through the upper two loops of the knot and feed the narrow end underneath these two loops, making it emerge in the right region.

Step-12 Finish off the knot by tucking the remaining narrow end behind the collar loop.

Step-13 With a little adjusting and tightening, position the knot in place.

Step-14 Hold onto the knot with one hand and the wide end with another. Tug on the wide end to push the knot towards the center of the collar.

Congratulations! You’ve just executed the perfect look. Although this knot requires great skill and patience, a little practice would go a long way in making you a pro. It’s definitely hard to pull it off in the first go but never mind