When neckties became a symbol of fashion, Oriental knot was the first one that came into being for style aficionados. It was later followed by hundreds of different styles of knots; some creating wide triangles while others having a relatively asymmetrical shape. Let me guide you the easiest way to tie a Kelvin knot to attain the crisp look that can turn eyes. 

Step-1 Stand in front of the mirror for better precision and to reduce the chances of error.

Step-2 Place the necktie around your collar inside out.

Step-3 Position the tie so that the wide end is on the right side and the narrow end of the tie hangs on the left side. 

Step-4 Overlap the narrow end over the wide end from left to right, forming three regions: left, right and center. 

Step-5 The wide end which is now on the left side should be overlapped on the narrow end and brought to the right side. 

Step-6 Bring the wide end again to the left from underneath the knot.

Step-7 Now bring the wide end from the front of the knot to the right side, thus encircling the knot completely. 

Step-8 From beneath the narrow part of the tie, pull the wide end from right to the center region.

Step-9 Pass the wide end through the loop which is formed in front of the knot. 

Step-10 If you want a dimple, pinch the cloth below the knot and pull accordingly.

Step-11 Ensure that your knot is tightened and in apposition with the collar. To do this, pull the narrow end in the downward direction while pushing the knot against the collar with the other hand.

And congratulations! You’ve just tied the perfect knot. 

Kelvin knot is basically a fine variation of Oriental knot whose name was coined after Lord Kelvin who is renowned for his significant contribution in the mathematical knot theory. Kelvin Knot never got a chance to become popular on a public level compared to its counterparts, possibly because most men always revolve their attire around the four classical knots namely the Four in Hand, Half Windsor, Windsor and Pratt knot. However the times are changing and men are preferring variety in their clothing. Hence, Kelvin knot might get a chance to attain the limelight in near future.

It has an asymmetrical shape with moderately big knot, thus making it suitable for all kind of ties even the knit ones. Although, every man can benefit with this style, it looks best with individuals possessing smaller heads because it is slightly voluminous than the Oriental one. Apparently, it can even work well alongside collar pins and bars and can be worn at both casual and semi-formal events. 

The latest fashion has brought forward the new concept of skinnier ties with heavy fabrics. The Kelvin Knot would give an outclass look when tied using such trendy ties. The most suitable material would be cotton as this would create a slightly bulkier and more symmetrical knot than the Four in Hand. Try wearing this knot with a cutaway collar to accentuate your shoulders and give a hint of confidence to your personality.