Linwood knot, also known by the name of Taurus knot, is yet another addition in the family of aesthetic knots. Created by Linwood, it’s a super unique and interesting style that looks trendy in modern times. The steps to tie a Linwood knot are super easy and we’ve further simplified them for your assistance. 

Step-1 Drape your necktie around the collar with the wide end on the left side and the narrow end on the right side. The wide end should be placed a couple of inches lower than the narrow end, around the level of mid thigh because this knot uses up ample fabric.

Step-2 Cross the wide end over the narrow end from left to right.

Step-3 Bring it back on the left side from behind the narrow end.

Step-4 Feed it up through the loop around the collar, bringing it back down on the same side. This turning would create a loop on the left side of the collar. For simplicity, we are going to refer to this loop as ‘Loop 1’.

Step-5 Cross the wide end to the right side from behind the tie knot.

Step-6 Feed the wide end once again through the collar loop and bring it back on the same side. This step would create another loop, referred here as ‘Loop 2’. 

Step-7 Feed the tip of the narrow end through Loop 2 and then Loop 1, bringing it from right to left. The space created between the two loops is referred to as ‘Loop 3’. Keep the knot a little loose for future adjustments.

Step-8 Feed the wide end beneath the center of the collar loop and bring it out from back of the knot.

Step-9 Feed the tip of the wide end through Loop 3 and pull it all the way down.

Step-10 Tug on the little end to position the knot at the center of the collar.

Step-11 You may tighten the knot now. You sure don’t want it to be loose and huge. Tightening the knot would shrink it in size, thus accommodating it in between a narrow spread collar.

And you’re done! Congratulations for creating the most unique knot known to man. Linwood knot is special because it is suited for all kind of occasions and works well with almost every tie. You don’t have to worry about your built or physique any more when opting for the Linwood knot.