Let us learn the technique to tie another exotic knot today so you can add an extra component of style to your repertoire. This knot is known by the name of Merovingian knot or the Ediety knot. The procedure is lengthy but quite simple if you follow it step by step. 

Step-1 Drape your necktie around the collar such that the wide end is on the right side and fairly longer (about 20 inches) compared to the narrow end which hangs over the left shoulder.

Step-2 Bring the wide end from right to left side from underneath the narrow end. 

Step-3 Make the wide end go over the top of the loop around the collar and pull it through on the same side.

Step-4 Bring the wide end to the right side from the front the forming knot.

Step-5 Pass it underneath the loop around the collar so that the wide end is now in the center region. 

Step-6 Pull it downward through the loop such that it lies exactly on top of the narrow end with the seam facing outward.

Step-7 Make the wide end go around the back of the knot so now it lies in the right region.

Step-8 Again bring the wide end through the top of the loop around the collar and pull it downward so that it’s now positioned exactly behind the narrow end.

Step-9 Reverse the knot and you’ll notice a small loop created on the underside.

Step-10 Pull the wide end through that loop and tighten the knot so it lies at the centre of the collar. The thing to observe is that the wide end in this knot would lie behind the narrow end in the final look.

Step-11 Adjust the knot with your fingers until you achieve the desired result.  

The popularity of Merovingian knot gained momentum because of its classic look with a modern touch. The knot is unique because it looks as if your tie is wearing another miniature tie. It requires a little expertise but is guaranteed to turn heads wherever you go. The ends of the tie should be well hidden to give it a flawless look. It isn’t really difficult to get the proper shape of the Merovingian knot but it gets confusing because of its inverted orientation.

Fabric consumption is high and the knot is perfectly symmetrical. It is best to wear it with a vest, cardigan or suit so that the ends are well covered and only the knot is visible. Paisley and striped ties give a really outstanding appearance when tied using this knot. Solids ties obviously bring emphasis to the folds of the knot. Opt for contrast ties if you want to enhance the charm of the Merovingian knot. This style is suited for celebratory and festive occasions because it is quite flashy and an attention seeker.