Novotny knot is sure to bring you great attention and thus we’ve made a little attempt to help you learn how to tie it with minimum struggle. Follow these steps carefully and you’d be good to go!

Step-1 Drape the necktie around your collar such that the wide end is placed on your left side and the narrow end hangs over the right shoulder. The narrow end would be positioned slightly longer than the wide end.

Step-2 Create a dimple in the wide end and bring it to the right side from underneath the narrow end. 

Step-3 Bring the narrow end upward from underneath the loop around the collar from the left side. 

Step-4 Pull it through the loop and make it emerge in the right region.

Step-5 Bring the narrow end into the left region from behind the forming knot.

Step-6 Pass the narrow end over the front of the knot into the right region.

Step-7 Then pass it from underneath the loop around the collar and pull it thorough to the left side.

Step-8 Again pass the narrow end behind the knot such that it emerges from the right side with the seam facing outward.

Step-9 Pass it from right to left thorough the loop which is formed in front of the knot during the previous steps.

Step-10 Bring it around the collar loop from front and pull it downward in the left region.

Step-11 Bring the narrow end upwards in the center region and pass it around the collar loop of the opposite side such that it emerges in the right region from underneath the loop.

Step-12 Pass the narrow end from right to left side through the latest loop formed in front of the knot.

Step-13 Conceal the remaining narrow end behind the collar loop and tighten the knot accordingly to that it lies in close apposition with the collar. 

Novotny knot is pretty extravagant which makes it an ideal choice for celebratory events and festive occasions. It’s wide and enormous size would only be able to accommodate in wide spread collars. Opt for solid ties and light patterns to accentuate the folds of the knot.