Rose Bud knot was created by Jack Robertson and makes use of the tail of the tie to form the layers of the knot. It’s simple yet intricate and a little practice into the task can yield amazing results. 

Step-1 Drape the necktie around the collar with the wide end on the left side and the narrow end on the right side. This knot is tied with the narrow end so keep it longer than the wide end.

Step-2 Bring the wide end in the center and pinch it near the collar to create a dimple. 

Step-3 Cross the narrow end over the wide end from right to left.

Step-4 Pass it up and back through the loop around the collar and make it emerge in front of the wide end. 

Step-5 Cross the narrow end to the right side.

Step-6 Take the narrow end around the back of the forming knot into the left region.

Step-7 Feed it up through the front of the collar loop and make it emerge from below the loop on the right side.

Step-8 Cross the narrow end to the left side from the front of the forming knot. 

Step-9 Take the narrow end up through the back of the collar loop and feed it through the horizontal band created in the front of the knot. 

Step-10 Tighten the knot a bit and push it close to the collar.

Step-11 Fold the narrow end in two vertical halves and feed it up through the front of your collar loop on the left side and pull it back down on the right side. Even the seam with your thumb and tighten it a little bit.

Step-12 Bring the folded narrow end from the right to the front of the knot and feed it back through the front of the collar loop on the left side.

Step-13 Bring the narrow end all the way back around the knot from left to the right side.

Step-14 Again wrap the folded narrow end over the front of the knot and tuck it behind the collar loop on the left side.

Step-15 Conceal the remaining narrow end behind the loop around the collar.

Step-16 Hold onto the knot and pull the wide end to push it up towards the center of the collar.

Step-17 Flair up the opening a tiny bit and loosen the folds a little to make the shape of the bud clearly visible.  This would give the knot a nice layered effect. 

The key to a perfect look lies in using a tie that has a different tail color. This would draw maximum attention to the knot and would accentuate its folds. Rose bud knot looks excellent in both weddings and elite dinner parties. It is more of a celebratory knot than casual or office wear.