Get in touch with your romantic side by learning to tie this amorous piece of art known by the name of the Rose knot. It’s crafted in a shape that resembles a rose. Below is a step by step guide to tie a Rose knot and a little consistency and patience would bring charm to your tie rack. 

Step-1 Drape the necktie around your collar with the wide end hanging on the left side and the narrow end on the right side. The narrow end should be comparatively longer than the wide end. The wide should be positioned near the waistline.

Step-2 Pinch the wide end near the collar to create a dimple in it.

Step-3 Take the narrow end and pass it over the wide end from right to left. 

Step-4 Bring the narrow end upward in the center region from underneath the loop around the collar. 

Step-5 Pull it downward in front of the narrow end and cross it over to the right side, making a triangular shape in the center.

Step-6 Pass the narrow end around the back of the forming knot to make it emerge from the left side.

Step-7 Bring the narrow end again on the right side by passing it in front of the knot. 

Step-8 With the narrow end now in the right region, make it pass underneath the collar loop and pull it out through the center region. By the end of this step, the narrow end would lie on top of the wide end with the seam facing inward.

Step-9 Cross the narrow end over to the left side and keep the front of the knot a little loose so that a tiny loop is created.

Step-10 Bring the narrow end behind the knot from left to right.

Step-11 Slip the narrow end up through the front pass, bring it around the back of the collar loop and pull downward.

Step-12 Start tightening the knot by tugging on each triangle carefully so that it starts forming the shape of a rose.  

Step-13 Bring the remaining narrow end through the loop formed in front of the top most triangle and conceal it behind the loop around the collar. 

Step-14 Grab the knot with one hand and pull down the tie with another hand to push the knot towards the center of the collar.  

What can be better than tying a Rose tie knot on Valentine’s Day? It’s an aesthetic knot which might be a little complex to learn but practicing it again and again would help you memorize the steps. A Rose knot is not perfectly symmetrical and is of average size which looks best with solid and light pattern ties.