We present to you another unusual knot by the name of the Spade knot. It’s obviously not a regular wear and its creator Derrick Davis gave a little twist to the Windsor knot to create this style. Let us take you through a step by step guide on how to tie the Spade knot.

Step-1 Drape the necktie around your collar such that the wide end is on your left side while the narrow end hangs on the right side. This knot is tied using the narrow end so make sure to keep it comparatively longer than the other end. The wide end should be a couple of inches above the belt line.

Step-2 Pinch the wide end to create a dimple in it.

Step-3 Cross the wide end underneath the narrow end from left to right.

Step-4 Feed the narrow end up through the collar loop and bring it back to the right side.

Step-5 Make the narrow end go around the back of the knot into the left region.

Step-6 Feed it up through the top of your necktie knot and bring it back down on the right side.

Step-7 Take the narrow end across the front of the knot from right to left, creating a horizontal band on your way.

Step-8 Feed the narrow end up from underneath the collar loop and bring it back down from the center.

Step-9 Cross the narrow end to the right side.

Step-10 Feed the narrow end up through the back of the knot and across to the left side. Do not tighten it and you’ll notice a loop being created on the right side of the knot. The loop should be loose enough to accommodate at least three fingers. This loop forms the right half of the spade.

Step-11 Feed the remaining narrow end beneath the collar loop on the left side. This would again create a similar loop on the left side as created in the previous step. This loop is the second half of the spade. 

Step-12 Tuck the remaining narrow end behind the collar to conceal it.

Step-13 Tighten the knot to keep the two loops in place that are forming the shape of a spade.

Step-14 Adjust the necktie such that your knot lies exactly in center of the collar. Pull down the collar and smoothen out any visible wrinkles. 

Congratulations! You’ve been successful in tying the Spade knot. Although it’s not suitable for formal occasions, the Spade knot may be worn in casual and fun gatherings where not much attention is given to your attire. Spade knot works well with all kind of ties and is usually worn with medium to wide spread collars.