This style is an innovation of Anthony Jacques and is one of the most unique knots known to man. It is mandatory to wear a contrast tie when tying the Templar knot and wear a jacket or vest so that only the upper part of the tie is visible to the viewers. You’ll get to know the reason for this once you try it on yourself. So let’s get started and follow this step by step procedure to tie the perfect Templar knot.

Step-1 Drape the necktie around your collar with the seam facing outward. The wide end would hang on the left shoulder while the narrow end on the right shoulder. It works best to position both the ends at equal lengths because this knot is tied using both the ends.

Step-2 Cross the narrow end from right to left from front of the wide end.

Step-3 Feed the wide end up through the front of the collar loop on the right side. Bring it back down on the same side.

Step-4 Bring the wide end on the left side from the front of the narrow end.

Step-5 Feed the wide end up through the back of the collar loop on the left side.

Step-6 Bring it down from the center of the loop such that it now lies exactly on top of the narrow end. The seam of the wide end would be facing inward at this point.

Step-7 Grab the knot from underneath the wide end and push it up against the center of the collar.

Step-8 Take the little end from behind and wrap it around the front of the wide end, creating a horizontal band that is perpendicular to the wide end.

Step-9 Bring the narrow end to the right region from around the back of the wide end. Make sure that the narrow end lies exactly in front of the knot when crossing from behind.

Step-10 Feed the little end up through the back of the necktie knot and bring it down from the front. 

Step-11 Pass the narrow end through the horizontal band created in the previous steps. This would form the shape of a Christian cross. 

Step-12 Your necktie would not reach your waistline when tying this knot so it’s better to hide the length with a jacket or a vest. 

And voila! You’re done. This may be the perfect choice of knot when going to church or other religious gatherings.  It’s easy to tie a Templar knot and a little effort into the task is all that you need to become an expert.