Trinity knot is a trefoil shaped knot that has a flamboyant look and is guaranteed to stand out. It is based on Celtic knot work and has a symmetrical shape that spans around three axes. Following is a step by step guide to teach you how to tie a perfect Trinity knot.

Step-1 Wear your necktie around the collar with the wide end placed on the right side and narrow end on the left side. The seam should be facing inward. 

Step-2 This knot is tied with the narrow end so the position of the wide end should be right where you want your finished necktie to end. The narrow end should however be placed at the level of mid-thigh. 

Step-3 Cross the narrow end over the thick end from left to right and then bring it upwards towards the chin from beneath the loop around the collar. Your tip would face upward and the seam would face outward by the end of the step.

Step-4 Flip the narrow end back over the collar loop, making it emerge again from the right side. The seam would be facing inward.

Step-5 Wrap the narrow end over the wide end from behind the forming knot. You’d end up with your narrow end in the left region and the seam facing outward. 

Step-6 Grab the tip of the narrow end and flip it over the top of the loop around the collar so that it lies in the center region with the seam facing inward. 

Step-7 Bring the tip of the narrow end downward on the right region from underneath the loop around the collar. You’ve just crossed over and above the bulk of the knot that is about to be formed. This is a complicated step that requires precision so make sure to adjust the tie with your hand to avoid visible flaws. By the end of this step, your seam would face inward and the narrow end would be on the far right side of the wide end. 

Step-8 Wrap the narrow end horizontally over the wide end, bringing it from right to left. Then bring it underneath the loop around the collar and pull through the horizontal band just created in front of the knot. You’d now have your narrow end lying exactly on top of your wide end. 

Step-9 Wrap the narrow end behind the body of the thick end from behind, going from right to left side. The narrow end would now lie in the left region with the seam facing outward. 

Step-10 Feed the tip of the narrow end into the vertical loop created in the previous steps. The narrow end would now be lying in an angled upward direction and the seam would be facing inward.  

Step-11 Pull the narrow end all the way through the vertical loop and then snug it down. You’d now see all the three folds clearly visible, meeting in the center of the knot. Ensure that all folds are identical in size and shape. If not, you can make the desirable adjustment using your fingers gently. 

Step-12 Conceal the visible part of the narrow end by tucking it behind the wide end or hiding it beneath the collar loop.

Step-13 Work out the remaining slack out of the knot and tighten it carefully by tugging on the wide end and pushing the knot against the center of the collar. 

Step-14 This knot is too extravagant to require a dimple so don’t bother to make one. 

And there you are, ready to show off your impressive knot! Do not be discouraged if you’re unable to get the perfect shape in one go because it’s a difficult style and requires enough practice to become a pro. 

Trinity knot is one of the recent innovations in the field of menswear and has a striking appearance that can turn eyes. It is bulky in size and should therefore be worn with light fabric ties that are plain enough to reflect the proper curve of the knots. It would look overwhelming when worn at formal events, festive gatherings and high class parties. Fabric consumption is average and it is well suited for cutaway or narrow spread collars. Because of the three-way symmetry of this exotic knot, it is definitely an epitome of style and grace and probably the most worshipped knot among the elite class.