The Truelove knot is a complex yet exotic knot which resembles a heart or a cross shape. The knot forms four distinct quadrants and considerable practice is required to master this art. Via this article, we aim to teach you how to tie a Truelove knot so you don’t have to go with the same, boring conventional tie knots every day. It might take a little practice but I guarantee that the results would be worth the struggle.

Step-1 Drape the necktie around your collar so that the wide end is positioned on your right side and the narrow end on your left side. This knot makes use of the narrow end so it should be kept longer than the wide end.

Step-2 Create a dimple in wide end and cross it underneath the narrow end from right to left.

Step-3 With the narrow end in the right region now, bring it up through the loop around the collar and pull it downward from the center region. 

Step-4 Cross the narrow end to the right side.

Step-5 Bring the narrow end around the back of the forming knot into the left region and tuck it around the collar loop once again, this time from the left side. The narrow end would now lie exactly below the wide end in the center.

Step-6 Cross the narrow end over to the right and bring it in front of the knot.

Step-7 With the narrow end now in the left region, bring it upward from underneath the collar loop and feed it through the horizontal band formed in front of the knot. The narrow end would now lie exactly atop the wide end with the seam facing inward. 

Step-8 Rotate the narrow end so that the seam now faces outward.

Step-9 Bring the narrow end upward through the center of the collar loop and make it emerge from the right side. The seam would still be facing outward.

Step-10 Tuck the narrow end underneath the flap on the top left quadrant of the knot.

Step-11 Conceal the narrow end behind the collar loop and adjust the knot so that it is in close apposition with the center of the collar. 

Step-12 Smoothen out any wrinkles and adjust the final look. 

Truelove knot was created by Eliot Truelove who is considered as a tie alchemist. It might take a few attempts to get comfortable with this masterpiece but it is sure to turn gazes when you wear it in a gathering. This is not the choice when you’re in a rush because the last adjustments require ample time and patience to give it a flawless look. It consumes substantial amount of fabric and has a nice symmetrical look to it. 

Striped ties may give a chaotic look if you’re a beginner so try sticking with solid colors and light patterns to accentuate the effect. A Truelove knot is the ideal choice for events where you want to draw attention of the audience. We recommend wearing it on festive occasions, high class dinners and casual parties. Avoid its use in professional settings where the main focus should be work. It looks impressive when worn with vests, cardigans and suits.