Van Wijk knot was created by the artist Lisa Van Wijk with the aim of creating a knot that was one of the tallest in the lot. Let us teach you this striking style that may prove to be a great addition to your tie rack. The steps are explained in the simplest way possible and a little practice would yield amazing results. 

Step-1 Drape the necktie around the collar with the wide end hanging on the right side and the narrow end on the left side. This knot uses up the wide end so it should be positioned quite lower than the narrow end.

Step-2 Cross the wide end over the narrow end to the left side. This would from three regions: left, right and center.

Step-3 Bring the wide end again in the right region from behind the narrow end.

Step-4 Make another turn around the narrow end, bringing the wide end from right to left and back to the right side. This spiral should be loosened a bit so that a little loop is made during the turning process.

Step-5 Create the third spiral by again making the wide end take a turn around the narrow end. 

Step-6 With the wide end still on the right side, make a half turn around the stack of spirals and bring the wide end in the left region.

Step-7 Bring it upwards in the center region from underneath the loop around the collar.

Step-8 Pull the wide end downward through the horizontal loop created while making the first spiral. 

Step-9 Tighten the knot by tugging on the narrow end and pushing the knot upwards towards the center of the collar.

Step-10 Adjust the spirals with your hand so that all three stacks are visible, one on top of the other. 

Van Wijk knot is an asymmetrical knot with a long, slanted appearance created by three irregular layers. It sure is not sloppy and tying it is probably not a piece of cake for beginners because it requires great skill and precision. Getting the right length is definitely a challenge and the only way to overcome this hurdle is to keep practicing it. This knot consumes substantial fabric; after all going around the middle four times is no child’s play. 

Van Wijk knot looks good with any sort of tie except dark solid colors which conceal the intricacies of the layers. Light colored, striped and pattern ties do wonders in accentuating the overall effect of the knot. You may opt for this classy style for formal, elite and causal gatherings because it is distracting but not pretentious at all. Narrow collared shirts are highly recommended for the Van Wijk knot and you might need a vest to conceal a part of this enormous knot.