The Victoria Knot came into being to honor the Queen Victoria of England. It is quite similar to the Four in Hand knot, just a little bulkier in size and preferable for men who are left with a very long tie after adopting the Four in Hand style. 

Thus another pass across the front of the knot can manage the size issues and thus gives rise to the Victoria Knot. In simple words, Victoria knot is basically a Four in Hand knot with an extra turn. In the following passage, we teach you in easy steps to tie a perfect Victoria knot which can add an extra charm to your attire. 

Step-1 Adjust the necktie around your collar in such a way that the seam faces inward and the wide and narrow end is on the left and right side respectively. The tip of the wide end shall be placed a few inches lower than that of the narrow end. 

Step-2 Grab the wide end and cross it over the narrow end from left to right side. 

Step-3 Bring the wide end again to the left by wrapping it around the narrow end from behind. 

Step-4 The seam would now face outward and the tip of the wide end would be positioned on your left side. 

Step-5 Again bring the wide end around the narrow end from the front, bringing the tip of the wide end to the right side. 

Step-6 The wide end is again wrapped around the narrow end from behind, making it emerge from the left side and completing the second turn.

Step-7 The horizontal loops created by these turns will stack over one another, giving rise to the bulk of the knot.

Step-8 Wrap the wide end again around the knot, making another horizontal band in front of the knot. This time, the seam would be facing inward.

Step-9 Bring the wide end upwards and pass it beneath the loop around the collar. 

Step-10 Feed the tip of the wide end in the last horizontal loop (made in the previous steps) and pull the entire wide end through the loop.

Step-11 This would result in a thick knot which you can position accordingly by pulling downward on the narrow end of the tie.

Step-12 If you want, you may add a tie dimple by pinching the cloth below the knot and then pushing the knot against the collar. 

Step-13 Make sure the knot is tightened and lies in apposition with the collar. 

Step-14 To untie, simply tug on the narrow end and pull it out of the knot. The rest will untangle itself.

Voila! You’ve just created the most perfect Victoria knot. As you may see, the procedure is quite simple and all you need is a little practice to excel in this style. 

Victoria knot is perfectly suitable for skinny ties or those with moderately heavy fabric. It is the style of choice when you wish to have a relaxed, nonchalant look and its self-releasing property makes it a popular choice amongst most men. 

The style is extremely easy to learn and creates a medium sized, asymmetrical knot which is suitable for both formal business events and casual social gatherings. The look goes best with point and button-down collars. 

If you’re using a thick tie then prefer a wide spread or cutaway collar. If you want to wear a collar bar or a collar pin then this knot is way out of your league. It is simply huge enough to accommodate a bar or pin. Good luck with it!