The origin of Virginia knot can be traced back to Philippines where it was first created by Noel Junio. It’s a unique variation of Trinity knot with two extra loops that give it an enormous look. Let’s teach you how to tie a Virginia knot in the simplest way possible. 

Step-1 Drape your necktie around the collar such that the wide end is on the left side and the narrow end lies on the right side. This knot is tied using the narrow end thus it should be placed quite a few inches longer than the wide end. The wide end would be positioned just past the belly button.

Step-2 Bring the wide end to the middle and pinch its fabric to create a dimple.

Step-3 Cross the narrow end from right to left over the front of the wide end.

Step-4 Feed it up through the back of your collar loop and bring it back down on the opposite side from the front.

Step-5 Cross the narrow end around the back of the wide end loosely. This would create an oblique loop on the right side of the tie. We will be referring to this as ‘Loop 1’ throughout this discussion.

Step-6 Feed the narrow end up through the top of the necktie knot and back down to the right side. This would create a second oblique loop, this time on the left side of the tie. We will be referring to this as ‘Loop 2’ throughout this discussion.

Step-7 Take the narrow end and cross over the front and top of Loop 1 and 2 from right to left. This would create a horizontal band which can be referred to as ‘Loop 3’. 

Step-8 Stabilize the loops with one hand and then feed the narrow end up beneath the collar loop on the left side.

Step-9 Bring the narrow end back down from the centre of the collar loop and pass it through Loop 3. 

Step-10 Cross the narrow end to the right side. Another loop would be created exactly on top of the knot. Let’s call this ‘Loop 4’.

Step-11 Bring the narrow end all the way back around the knot from right to left side.

Step-12 Loosen the Loop 4 a little bit and feed the tip of the narrow end through it.

Step-13 Tuck the remaining narrow end beneath the collar to hide it.

Step-14 Adjust the shape of Loop 1 and Loop 2 which are the characteristic feature of the Virginia knot. Pull them downwards so they’re clearly visible from under the knot.

Step-15 Hold onto the upper part of the knot and give it a push in the upward direction while tugging on the wide end simultaneously. This would position the knot in the center of the collar. 

Step-16 Tighten it a little bit to get your desirable look. 

And here you go! Flaunt around this knot in any festive occasion and make sure to opt for paisley or foulard ties if you’re fond of a vintage look.