The Atlantic knot is kind of a boyish knot, well suited for teenagers and people in their twenties. It is an informal style, most suitable for social and festive occasions. Let us teach you how to tie an Atlantic knot so you can maintain your class even in informal gatherings. The steps are really simple and explained in the easiest way to make it less of a struggle for beginners. Just follow them carefully and you’ll be good to go.

Step-1 Drape the necktie around your collar such that the narrow end is on the right side and the wide end is on the left side. This knot is tied from the narrow end so make sure it hangs a little below the wide end. 

Step-2 Cross the narrow end over the wide end from right to left.

Step-3 Grab the narrow end and bring it upwards from underneath the loop around the collar. 

Step-4 Pull it back outside the loop from the front and bring it into the left region.

Step-5 Now cross it to the right side from underneath the forming knot. 

Step-6 Again take it upwards and pass through the loop around the collar.

Step-7 Pull it down through the horizontal band formed behind the knot. 

Step-8 Tighten the knot according to your satisfaction and position it in the center of the collar. 

Voila! You’ve been successful. 

The Atlantic knot, also called the Cross knot, is the only one of its type: wide, intricate, triangular and tied from the narrow end. Since it is slightly asymmetrical, it might give an impression of sloppiness if not tied correctly. A little observation would make you realize that it is actually a reverse version of the Pratt knot. Its uniqueness lies in its exotic look which makes it stand out amongst the other regular knots.  Though it is a little challenging to pull off the perfect look and it demands manual dexterity, a little practice into the task can yield fruitful results. Just memorize the steps and you’ll become quite a skills man. 

It looks best with spread collar shirts and is intended for official events and recreational occasions rather than everyday attire and mere business meetings. The fabric used in tying is minimal and I’d recommend you to use a thin, flexible tie made up of a light fabric when opting for this knot. It looks good with contrast tie and solid styles that emphasizes the complexity of this knot. The best part is the fact that an Atlantic knot can be worn by both men and women of all ages and body shape. So what’s the wait? Grab your tie and execute this perfect look instantly.