With the changing trends in fashion industry, men are seeking for newer styles of tie knots to complement their suiting. For this purpose, the Eldredge knot was created by Jeffery Eldredge in 2007. Since then, it has gained immense popularity due to its intricate shape and classy outlook. Here we’re teaching you the basic method to tie an Eldredge knot. Of course, variations occur but going into that much detail can make it complicated for the beginners. It’s a difficult knot so it is totally fine if you don’t succeed the first time. Keep practicing and you’d see the results getting better day by day. And believe me, the entire struggle would be worth it!

Step-1 Drape the necktie around your collar such that the wide end is on your left shoulder and the narrow end is on the right shoulder. This knot makes use of the narrow end so it should be hanging around a feet lower than the wide end. The wide end would not change its position from the start to the end of the process so position it at a length you want your final necktie to be. 

Step-2 Cross the narrow end over the wide end from right to left. 

Step-3 Loop the narrow end over the wide end from behind. The narrow end would now lie in the right region.

Step-4 Bring the tip of the narrow end upwards and pass it in the loop around the collar, making it emerge from the left side.

Step-5 Cross it horizontally to the right side from the front of the knot. The narrow end would again be in the right region now.

Step-6 Grab the tip of the narrow end and pass it behind the loop around the collar, bring it upwards and out of the neck loop, again making it emerge from the left side. This is quite the repetition of the previous step, the only difference being that the narrow end is pulled from behind the collar loop rather than from front of it as we did in the last steps.  

Step-7 Wrap the narrow end behind the wide end and pull it back to the left, passing underneath the knot that would be formed by wrapping of the narrow end. This step is also called an ‘underpass’.

Step-8 Pull the narrow end through the knot to tighten it a little. 

Step-9 Here comes the most complicated step. Your narrow end is in the left region now. Bring it upwards and pass it around the collar loop from front, making it emerge from beneath the right side of the collar loop. 

Step-10 The narrow end is now in the right region. Bring it upwards in front of the collar loop and make another underpass through the latest loop formed in the previous steps. Pull the narrow end into the left region now. 

Step-11 The knot is now completed and the only task is to conceal the remaining part of the narrow end. The simplest way would be to hide its tail behind the loop of the collar. 

Step-12 Tighten the knot carefully and adjust it with your fingers to give it a flawless look. 

And congratulations! You’ve just created the most magnificent piece of art and now you’re ready to show off. 

Eldredge knot is an enormous knot with a reasonably odd shape, producing a tapered fishtail braid-like effect that looks awesome wherever you wear it. It might be complex to tie but is indeed an eye-catching style that comprises of around fifteen steps in all.  Although not symmetrical, the grace it imparts to personality is beyond measure. In short, I guarantee that it is always an ice-breaker when worn in social gatherings. 

This style is too extravagant to be wasted in office meetings and casual gatherings. It is in fact suitable for festive occasions, balls, weddings and high-class gatherings where formal look is obligatory. Try wearing this style with longer ties because fabric consumption is high. It may not be suitable for tall men because their necktie would hardly reach the belt line after tying the Eldredge knot. Avoid wearing striped ties because the knots would rather give a disorganized aura to your look. Solid patters are optimal because they’ll highlight the natural folds of the knot. Good luck flaunting your attire!