Let us introduce you to another exotic knot that you can flaunt around in style. All you have to do is follow the step by step process and a little practice is all that it takes to pull off the perfect look. 

Step-1 Drape the necktie around your collar such that the narrow end is on your left side and the wide end hangs over the right shoulder, about 12 inches lower than the narrow end. The seam would be facing inward.

Step-2 Cross the wide end over the narrow end from right to left. 

Step-3 Bring the wide end upward in the center region by passing it beneath the loop around the collar.

Step-4 Pull it downward from the front of the loop and hold it in the left region.

Step-5 Bring the wide end from around the back of the forming knot into the right region.

Step-6 Again make a turn around the loop of the collar and make the wide end emerge from the center region such that it lies exactly behind the narrow end with the seam facing inward.

Step-7 Move the wide end in the right region and bring it around the front of the knot into the left region.

Step-8 Again pass the wide end underneath the loop around the collar and make it emerge from the center. This time the wide end will lie atop the narrow end with the seam facing inward.

Step-9 You will not pass the wide end through the loop in the front as you used to do for Windsor knot. This is the step which makes an Onassis knot different from the full Windsor knot.

Step-10 Tighten the knot carefully behind the wide end and straighten out the wide end to smoothen any wrinkles. 

Step-11 The final look would be that of the wide end lying on top and concealing the narrow end as well as the knot. 

History states that the Onassis knot was first worn by Aristotle Onassis who was a Greek tycoon of the nineteenth century. From then onwards, he is considered as the creator and innovator of this charming style. Ironically, this knot gives an appearance of the wide end hanging from the collar rather than a true symmetrical knot. If you know the techniques of tying the conventional knots, this style is surely a piece of cake for you. 

Fabric consumption is medium, making it suitable to be worn with all kinds of ties. Onassis knot is highly symmetrical which may be the reason for its immense popularity. The best part of this knot is that you can wear it in all sorts of events from casual gatherings to meeting the president. Recommended options for ties are paisleys, patterns, stripes or any other tie that you want to show off because this knot brings full focus of the audience on the tie itself. It’s also a great way to feature a cool tie pin or clip and wearing it with a jacket or vest would be awesome. In a nutshell, Onassis knot is a true attention grabber.