If you’re looking for a bigger looking, giant size knot then Triple Windsor is the style of choice. Let us teach you how to tie a Triple Windsor knot in the simplest way possible. Keep in mind that it is just a variation of the conventional Windsor knot so if you know the basics of the simple Windsor knot, this style is just a child’s play.

Step-1Drape the necktie around your collar such that the wide end is on your left side and the narrow end hangs on your right side. This knot is tied using the wide end so it will be comparatively longer than the narrow end. The wide end will be placed approximately at the level of mid thigh.

Step-2Bring the narrow end to the middle and cross the wide end to the right side from over the narrow end.

Step-3Wrap the wide end around the back of the narrow end in such a way that it emerges from the left region with the seam facing outward.

Step-4 Bring the wide end back into the right region by crossing it over the front of the narrow end.

Step-5Feed the wide end up through the back of your necktie knot and bring it back down on the opposite side i.e. the left side.

Step-6Take the wide end around the back of the forming knot into the right region.

Step-7Feed the wide end through the top of the necktie knot and bring it back down on the left side.

Step-8Cross the wide end over the front of the knot, bringing it from left to right side. This would create a horizontal loop in front of the knot which should be kept slightly loose at this stage.

Step-9Feed the wide end up through the back of the necktie knot one last time and bring it back down on the front.

Step-10Feed the tip of the wide end through the horizontal band created in the previous steps and pull it all the way through.

Step-11Grab the knot and pull the narrow end to tighten the knot.

Step-12Position the knot in the center of the collar and smoothen the layers of the knot until it is perfect.

Wow! You’re done. Triple Windsor knot takes pride in turning gazes wherever you go. It looks great in board meetings, formal dinners and courtroom appearances where you want the audience to focus on your personality.

This style can be tied using solid, striped or patterned ties for it’s the simplicity of the knot that attracts the audience rather than the tie itself.