The special time of the year is around the corner and why should you leave even a tiny chance to make an impression on the love of your life? Let’s get acquainted with the Valentine knot so that your attire itself can speak of your love life. This style is an innovation of a fellow named Linwood. The steps are really simple to follow and a little attention into the task can yield wonderful results.

Step-1Drape the necktie around your collar such that the wide end is on your left side and the narrow end hangs on your right side. This knot is tied using the narrow end so it will be comparatively longer than the wide end. The wide end will be placed a couple of inches above the beltline.

Step-2Pinch the wide end to create a dimple in it.

Step-3Bring the wide end to the middle and cross the narrow end to the left side from over the wide end.

Step-4 Feed the narrow end upward from underneath the collar loop on the left side and bring it back down on the same side.

Step-5Fold the narrow end in two vertical halves such that the seam faces outward.

Step-6Curving the narrow end downwards, feed it upward through the back of the necktie knot and make it emerge on the right side from the top of the collar loop.

Step-7Again curve the narrow end beautifully on the right side and feed it up through the back of the necktie knot.

Step-8Loosen the two curves created on either side of the knot. These curves would form the heart shape of the knot.

Step-9With the narrow end still in the center region, curve it downwards on the left side, keeping it in close contact with the curve formed in the previous steps.

Step-10Cross the narrow end into the right region from behind the wide end.

Step-11Feed the narrow end upward through the top of the collar loop on the right side. Make sure that your narrow end lies exactly superior to the oblique curve formed previously.

Step-12Bring the narrow end down from the center such that it lies exactly behind the wide end.

Step-13Tuck the tip of the narrow end into the horizontal band created on the undersurface of the knot and then conceal the remaining part behind the collar loop.

Step-14Pull on the wide end to tighten the knot and push it close to the center of the collar.

Step-15Adjust the loops with your fingers to give them a heart-shaped look.

And Voila! You’re ready to show off this lovey-dovey style in front of your date. No wonder, your well thought outfit would be enough to impress her. So get yourself a red tie straightaway and keep practicing until you’re able to pull off this amazing look. Good luck to all the lovers out there!