A necktie, without a doubt, does a great job in making you look sophisticated and well-dressed. While many men consider wearing neckties an extra piece of work early in the morning, others are obliged to wear it due to strict dress code at their work place. Whatever the situation, once you decide to make neckties a mandatory part of your attire, you should consider spending a little on building up your necktie collection which includes shopping for some basic necktie accessories. 

So here we are, to the rescue – helping you get acquainted with the basic necktie accessories and the best ways to use them. We’ve also mentioned the latest trends in the following article so you can follow what’s in fashion these days. In general there are many kinds of necktie accessories, each made up of different materials, the details of which are mentioned below.  These accessories have the ability to transform a monotonous outfit into a stylish one. 


A tie tack is a completely different accessory in both form and function from the tie clip and tie bar. A tie tack has two components: the decorative part or a pin and a base which has a chain attached to it.


The pins of the tie tacks are available in a variety of forms and exquisite designs. Some are studded with a colored or ornamental stone in the front while others have more creative patterns like flags or company logos. You’re totally free to choose whatever style you like but make sure that it goes with the nature of the event you’re attending. 


To start with, remove the pin from its base and pierce it through the fabric of your necktie. Connect the base to the pin again and slip the metal weight and chain through one of the button holes of your dress shirt. Tie tacks did not gain much popularity because they cause permanent damage to the neckwear especially when worn on silk ties. For those who want to use it as a decorative item, it is recommended to execute caution while piercing the pin through the fabric. 


A tie chain is another stylish restraining device for your neckwear to ensure that it stays in place. It has two components: a fixed upper part called the bar and a loosely hanging chain.  


Most tie chains available in the market are made up of gold or silver which I guess is the most sophisticated metal choice. There is not much variation in the designs which leaves a really narrow range for the customers to choose from. 


Hook the bar of your tie chain to any button on your dress shirt in a yoke fashion. Pull the tie through the chain’s loop in such a fashion that that wide end of the tie hides the bar lying underneath while the U- shaped chain remains visible on the front. The chain adds an interesting, perhaps even a romantic touch to the necktie ensemble. This is a rather royal accessory that would surely make you stand out from the crowd. 

strong>TIE STRAP

Tie strap is a latest restraining device that was introduced a couple of years ago in the fashion industry. It holds the tie in place without hindering the vertical movement of the tie. 


Tie strap is the only tie accessory that is made up of cloth (which is of the same color as the dress shirt) or transparent plastic instead of a precious metal. Tie straps made up of plastics are virtually invisible and thus require less expertise on the side of the user. However, this characteristic of the tie strap deprives the tie of the adornment that is provided by a bar or clip. 


Slip the tie strap through the lapel loop on the back of your tie and then button it onto the buttons of your dress shirt above and below the lapel loop. This would prevent the movement of the tie in the horizontal plane.


A stiff collar tip enhances the look of the necktie knot several folds and this is where the role of collar stay kicks in. Collar stays, also known as collar sticks or collar stiffeners, are smooth, rigid strips that ensure that the collar of the shirt lies flat against the collar bone. A nice, crisp collar with a perfectly positioned tie knot speaks volumes about the personality of the individual. 


Just like the other accessories, collar stays may be made up of metal like brass, stainless steel or silver, mother of pearl and plastic. Some shirts come with plastic collar stays that need to be replaced with time. This problem is not encountered with the metal ones which are expensive but reliable and long-lasting. Collar stays are available in a variety of lengths to fit varying collar designs and you might need more than one for different dress shirts that you own. 


Collar stays are inserted on the underside of the collar to stabilize its points. 


A tie stick pin is now out of date because men these days prefer bars, clips and straps more often. However, it is a good alternative for keeping your tie in place if you don’t have any of the other accessories. A tie stick pin is most commonly used with a stroller suit or a morning coat and is more decorative than the conventional accessories. A classical tie stick pin is made up of gold and is usually studded with pearls, diamonds and other precious stones. The nobles of the eighteenth century quite frequently used these pins but they were later replaced by much simpler and better accessories. 


You’re at full liberty to choose whichever accessory you like but the trendiest and most convenient ones are the tie bars and tie strap. What makes them the most suitable choice? Both of them are excellent when it comes to holding the tie in place. Besides, none of them damage your neckwear like the tie clips or tie tack. Also, they’re much lighter in weight than the tie chains which makes it less of a burden for the users.